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Seven Easy DIY Tips to Decorate your Foyer

Everything about a house speaks loudly about the people residing in it. Whenever your front door opens, not only the guests get their first impression about the interiors, but also what they may expect when inside the home. By Decorate your Foyer, you are making an environment that makes visitors feel welcomed, relaxed, and cared for when they walk through your front door. An effective entryway will not only welcome you back every time you return to it, but will add an inviting atmosphere and style to the visitors passing through its doors. Here are seven easy DIY tips to make your foyer extend a warm greeting to all those who walk through this transitional space.

Home Entrance Decor - Decorate your Foyer

Eye-catching lighting

Eye-Catch Home decor lighting

Shedding some light in an important area should never be overlooked. Set up a lighting fixture which makes an immediate statement like a chandelier or even a decorative floor lamp to rev up the approach to your foyer. As a thumb rule, choose lights according to the space available. Small lights for small and large lights for larger spaces.

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Mirrors reflect light and make any area look larger than it actually is. Apart from giving a decorative look, mirrors brighten up a space and make it look cheerful even when there are no windows around. A well designed ornate frame will lift the looks of your foyer by leaps and bounds. If you are lucky enough to have windows, then go for a floor length mirror and place tables and chairs in front of it.

Let the floor stand out.

A stylish and a beautiful rug can add layering to the floor and brighten up the space between the great outdoors and your home. The size of the covering should be such that it fits the foyer floor exactly. Choose a dark shade, as stains can appear due to constant use and can be masked from the view of visitors. Remember to keep a vertical air gap between the carpets and the door to increase the life of the rug.

Pepper it with Art

One of the perfect place to adorn walls with statement artwork is in a foyer or entryway, as it is the first thing that catches the eye of anyone who walks through the front door. A bold piece of art or several ones, plus a bench or a console is all you need to add style to the passage to your home. Oversized artworks, for example, look good everywhere, but especially chic on the entryways as they are usually small and such an art piece will cover the entire space, making it cool and edgy.

Add plants

Front Door Plants

Creating a plush foyer is not all about splurging on plush accessories. By introducing beautiful living green plants into the entrance area, you can easily raise the aesthetic level of the space. High oxygen plants, prosperity plants, Fragrant Plants, and even decorative plants which require little maintenance but look great all the same. Species like the Golden Juniper are some of the most popular entrance way decor plants used all over the globe.

Use bold wallpaper

You can create a powerful effect by choosing a unique design and wallpapering one prominent wall instead of plastering every surface in sight. Bold graphic wallpaper can create instant intrigue. Entry wallpaper can add color, pattern and texture and a lot more when applied in the right way. Even the tiniest of foyers in urban apartments can benefit from the use of wallpaper because of the endless array of choices available. Pick the stick and peel version that can be changed without leaving any residue instead of making a long term investment.

Include the unexpected

There are many common things found in foyers, but the one thing which makes a lasting impression is the unexpected. That doesn’t mean you have to clutter it with things to make it look weird. You can easily pick up things like a giant hornets nest or large seashell from the flea market to give the vibes without having to pay for the frills.

Whether you have a giant entryway with lots of room or a door leading into a small studio apartment, an entryway should include items to help it look striking and trendy. A well-designed foyer sets the tone to the home, so make sure your space is charming and useful.

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