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10 Grand Fitness Motivation Tips

Every woman wants the slimness of those models running on-ramp, and every man adores the six-packs of fitness models on a magazine cover. Those are one of the best physiques that we, the average men and women, want to attain for ourselves however, we cannot. You might question ‘Why not?’, and the answer is: ‘Motivation Deficiency’.

Most of us who cannot convert our fitness goals into reality are hindered by our own lack of motivation. We want to look like a particular celebrity, but we do not make the due effort for that very matter.

Fitness Motivation Tips

This lack of motivation to achieve fitness is not unnatural, but a common phenomenon that can be easily dealt with. If you are one of those people struggling to maintain your fitness motivation and are worried to lose track then stop worrying.

Grand Fitness Motivation Tips

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I have organized for you, seven awesome tips to keep you motivated at the gym. Make these simple rules a part of your life, and you won’t be long from your dream body!

Add Fun to your Exercises

Research by Zumba Fitness, and sponsored by the American Council on Exercise, reports that loyalty to your lifetime fitness goals is highly dependent on the fun element in your exercises (American Council on Exercise [ACE] 1-3). Unless you are not entertained by what you do, there is little probability that you would ever want to continue it for life.

Zumba Fitness

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To let yourself keep on track for your fitness goals you MUST do exercises that YOU enjoy. This enables your body to respond positively toward your activities and prevents you from losing motivation halfway. Do you love that picturesque beauty of those hills a mile away from your house? Then why not take up mountain biking instead of those backbreaking hours at the gym?

Invite Friends

“Exercising together appears to increase the level of the feel-good endorphin hormones naturally released during physical exertion,” reported BBC in September 2009 (Group exercise ‘boosts happiness’). The report was based on a study conducted by a team of researchers at Oxford University, who tested 12 rowers on a boat. The conclusion suggested that subjects who had trained in groups were more ecstatic after the exercise and were able to endure greater pain than those subjects who had trained alone. This difference was noted mainly because when people exercise in groups, they feel motivated.

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Then why not request your boyfriend to join you in your early morning jogs? Or your ageing wife to accompany you to the yoga classes? You will visibly notice the impact a loved one has on your motivational level!

Embrace Challenges

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” – Fred Devito

You never want to end up being someone like that lazy next-door chap who never gets off his couch-television-snacks routine. You would rather want to find yourself as young and healthy, just like those attractive men and women on fashion and health magazines’ covers. For that matter, you must challenge yourself to embrace new practices in your life. Though eating the same diet or jogging the same route each day may sound convenient, it does not maximize your results. Thus, you lose motivation.

Research suggests that people who continue doing the same usual activities through the years are at a greater risk to lose interest in those activities and eventually back off. If you have been doing the same redundant workouts for months, you must try new techniques to keep yourself entertained.

Tweet your Plans

This may sound funny, but it actually works! A self fitness director, Meaghan B. Murphy writes, “The night before a super early workout, I tweet my plan to ensure I do it.”


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Making your plans public is like a commitment to others that you must fulfil by all means. Unless something serious happens, your tweet will make you get down to your exercises and will keep you on track.

Read Fitness Magazines

A friend of mine, who was a huge fan of the professional bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger, would stick to his gym routine by regularly watching Schwarzenegger’s videos and interviews on the internet. And it worked for him.

Watching Schwarzenegger inspired him and encouraged him to continue with his workouts at the gym. Thus, he did not lose motivation in pursuing his fitness goals.

To keep yourself motivated, subscribe to a regular fitness magazine and make sure you read it. You can even subscribe to your favourite magazine free of cost on The more you read about the importance of fitness the more motivated you will feel.

Reward Yourself

‘Studies show that rewarding yourself for positive behaviours can help you build commitment to the goal and reach the goal,’ write the Active Living Partners in their book First Steps: Your Healthy Living Journal. ‘Rewards help you to stay focused and maintain enthusiasm for your goals when you encounter difficult times’ (Active Living Partners 30).

After every workout session, reward yourself internally, and on achieving bigger goals you may reward yourself externally as well. Take a few moments to enjoy the soothing feeling that a workout brings at the end of the day. That will again prove motivational. On achieving bigger goals, for instance, reducing a single inch of your waist, reward yourself externally by buying yourself a pair of shoes. This act of continuous rewarding yourself will allow you to achieve bigger fitness goals.

Say it to your own body: I Love you!

If you take your girlfriend for granted, please don’t do the same for your own body. Understand your body as a gift from nature, and nurture it to the best of your abilities. Becoming a potato-couch and adding inches of fat to your belly is not an ethically appropriate way of returning nature’s favour. Shaping your mind to think from such angle will help you in respecting your flesh, and will thus motivate you towards physical fitness.

physical fitness

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To maintain your fitness motivation, you must have confidence and a positive attitude towards your body. The more you try to love your body, the more punctual you will become of your exercises!

Sign a Commitment Contract

We make promises to ourselves all the time, but rarely we fulfil them. Why? Because we know we are not really answerable to anyone for the pledges we make to ourselves. Research shows that we are more likely to fulfill our commitments when we make them in front of someone, a friend for example. Do that! When you are in a group of friends, vow that you would follow your fitness schedule. Sign a contract with a friend of paying him $25 if you skip a workout. You may increase the number of dollars to feel more motivated. Jeremy Goldhaber-Fiebert, PhD, assistant professor of medicine at Stanford University explains, “I tell my friends that I’m going to make a commitment to do something for a certain amount of time. For instance, I promise them I will exercise for 30 minutes every day for12 weeks. If I don’t do that, I’ll pay some kind of penalty, whether it’s financial or getting embarrassed in front of them for not living up to the pledge that I made.” Additionally, you can make online contracts on websites like Studies show that people who’ve signed longer contracts ended up exercising more than those who went for contracts of shorter durations.

Get Paid

How would you feel if you could get paid for working out? I’m not joking. According to research, when people were paid $100 to go to a gym, the attendance rate doubled up. Gary Charness, a behavioural economist at the University of California at Santa Barbara, carried out a study which says, “Paying people money to keep doing an activity turned out to be really effective.” If you don’t have such a generous benefactor, check out “Pact”. Through this app, your community fellow users will bestow you reward money provided you keep up to your schedule. On missing a session, the app would charge you some money as a penalty through your credit card or PayPal account. On reaching your goal, the app will reward you with the money they took from you and your fellows. Amazing, isn’t it? Download this app to motivate yourself.

Be Positive

What can get you out of the bed to work out early in the morning? Think of something really positive and good that would help. Envision how the morning breeze would clear your lungs and mind. Visualize the warm sunlight on your face when you are struggling to get out of your bed. Of course, this is not enough. These positive thoughts alone may not motivate you. You would also need a more realistic problem solving approach, says Gabriele Oettingen, PhD, a psychologist at New York University and author of Rethinking Positive Thinking: Inside the New Science of Motivation. Here’s the formula. Let’s say, you feel too sleepy to get out of the bed in the morning. You can simply switch to working out in the evening or noon. This way you would not have to leave your bed early and you would be able to achieve your fitness goals.

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