July 27, 2021

3 thoughts on “Ford KA

  1. The new Ford Ka seems to ride and handle better than the Fiat 500 due to Ford’s tweaking of the suspension for the Ka.

    The build-quality seems OK, but it’s not fantastic, and some owners do seem to have had quite a few teething problems.

    I had quite a few original-shaped (Mk1) Kas over a period of 10 years, I’ve had a new (Fiat built) Ford Ka (Mk2) for just over a year.

    Overall I’d say it is an excellent attempt by Ford to replace the original Ka, but let down by some poor Fiat components and poor Fiat build quality/quality control issues.

  2. Thanks for the comments Kevin, and I have to agree the Fiat element lets the KA down slightly but not a showstopper, At the time of the design/build Ford themeselves were struggling financially due to the global crisis and the fluctuations of the Euro and dollar against the pound.

    As far as I can tell they had to make a choice either no KA or do a joint build with another manaufacturer to reduce the capital cost involved with tooling and manufacturing equipment.

    They took the sensible option and I dont think it was a bad decision as the old KA was just getting too outdated and the new KA is funky fresh and fun (much like the Fiat 500), over time if Ford gets success from the KA they will certainly replace the Fiat element with more reliable Ford manufactured parts or a new range of KA maybee even a ST version with Top shelf parts in it, here’s hoping.

    BTW had a look at your KA Owners club site nice work with graphics looks great!

  3. The Ford Ka is a city car from the Ford Motor Company marketed in Europe and elsewhere. The name is officially pronounced as Ka (/ˈkɑː/, that is, like “car” in non-rhotic dialects of English) as can be heard in Ford’s advertising. The current European version is produced in Tychy, Poland, while the one sold in Latin America is built in Brazil and Argentina. It has been produced since 1996 and entered its second generation in 2008

    Ford Car Guide

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