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Exercises to Get Fit at Home This New Year 2018

If you are one of those guys who really feel the need to lose weight, stay healthy, and be fit but you don’t want or like the gym due to various reasons, you still have an option. Perhaps the gym is too expensive for you, too costly, or you are just one of those independent types. That leaves you with one highly effective and convenient option- exercises to get fit at home. You will be truly surprised at how great working out from home can be if you have the right tips on how to go about it.

Learn the Fundamental Basics of Fitness

According to many health and fitness professionals, an effective fitness plan consists of five key components. The good thing about these essential fitness elements is that you can do all of them from the comfort of your home. The first component is a warm up, which might be something simple like a mild jog on a treadmill or outside. The second element is a cardiovascular or aerobic workout, like jumping rope or peddling faster. The third element consists of strength-building or resistance exercises. For instance, squats are an effective strength building exercise, or you can do abdominal crunches and push-ups for this bit. The last two components include flexibility moves and a cool down. Yoga poses and floor stretches are great for flexibility, while a cool down ought to be the same as a warm up but at a slightly lower level.

Get Fit at Home

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How to Start

If you are a newbie, aim for at least 30 minutes of aerobic or cardiovascular workouts three times per week, and about 20-30 minutes of resistance workouts three times per week. Esure that all your resistance work covers all the major groups of muscles in your upper and lower body, as well as your back and abdominal muscles. Regardless of the kind of workouts you perform, ensure that you start slowly and rev your intensity and workout time gradually. Additionally, try to pay extra attention to the muscles you feel should be working.

Staying Motivated

Success in anything that a person aims to achieve often boils down to motivation. Consequently, it is important to remain focused on what inspires you since exercising at home has its obvious benefits and obstacles. Distractions by the kids or other family members, the phone, your pet, the refrigerator, or your PC can disrupt a workout. One of the best ways to avoid distractions and stay motivated is to schedule your workout when there are minimal distractions, like early morning. In many cases, most people often backtrack on exercising from home when they schedule their workouts during later hours in the day when it’s easier to find something else that ought to be done.

Tips for Exercising at Home

Since you don’t have access to the kind of classes and equipment you would find in a gym, try to avoid boredom by challenging yourself. For instance, you can you can aim for a squat challenge on to stay focused. You can also look up the internet for more interesting ideas on exercises that you can do from home. Finding a good partner is another way of ensuring that you stay on track, and you will minimize the likelihood of finding excuses not to workout. Lastly, create a plan stick to it, and review it regularly.

In summary, any health and fitness professional will tell you that without proper nutrition, any type of exercise is useless. In fact, you might be surprised to find out that all you need to lose weight and stay fit and healthy is a change in nutrition, and kind of exercise.

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