Getting Gifts For Couples When You Don’t Know What To Buy

The gifting season is upon us! I’m not just talking about Christmas gifts either. Did you know that a whopping 26% of marriage proposals happen in the months of November and December? The upshot of this is that in addition to gifts for Christmas you should probably start planning out an engagement gift or two as well.

Getting Gifts For Couples
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Buying one gift for a couple as opposed to separate gifts for each member of the partnership is a great way to cut down on the stress of gift buying by the simple fact of cutting down on the number of gifts to get. For new couples, receiving a joint present is an exciting milestone in their lives, while it serves as a beautiful reminder of all that an established couple has achieved together.

If budget is a concern for you, a joint gift for a could can be an ideal way to ensure you don’t overspend while also cutting down on costs such as shipping and gift wrapping if you are sending items from afar.

Now that you are set on getting a joint gift for the lucky pair you next need to decide on the actual gift! Even though you’re only tasked with getting one gift for two people, it is no less fraught with decisions as to what gift to get a couple. To help you keep from puling your hair overthinking what to get, have a read over our top three gift ideas for couples.

Something for their home:

Something for their home
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Kitchenware and home goods are great places to start when searching for a couple’s gift that will be used! For a new couple, help create their first kitchen with everyday items such as measuring jugs, wooden depots and baking equipment such as cake tins, a rolling pin and mixing bowls. If you are worried that these items seem a little boring and mundane for a gift always remember that there is no end to the range of designs and colors that items like these come in. We encourage you to dig deep into the couple’s interest to find something that has a practical use but also gives a nod to the personality of the couple you are gifting it too.

Look to the couple’s pop culture interests for inspiration, perhaps they are huge Mario fans and would be crazy for a cookie jar featuring the plumbing Italian or a pair of Lord of the Rings enthusiasts who will be over the moon with the Unofficial Hobbit Cookbook.

Themed items are one approach to take but if you are not sure of their interests don’t forget that you can also find unusual and or high-quality versions of everyday items. A new couple may be unlikely to spend more than the bare minimum on items like a kettle or sofa cushions so why not treat them to something beautiful and a little quirky too.

Entertainment is another great inspiration to add to the home comforts of a special couple. Classic board games are a great old school gift. Look for luxury versions that have the potential to become something they’ll keep for years to come.

Date nights with a twist:

Date nights with a twist
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Gifts don’t need to be physical objects! For established couples who already have many of the trimmings of a relationship a better gift is one that lets them spend quality time together. There are all sorts of interesting and unusual dates nights or days to send your favourite couple on. It could be as simple as a reservation and gift certificate to their favourite restaurant or as outlandish as a hands-on sushi making class or a hot air balloon ride. An exciting day or night out will be a gift that they remember forever, especially when they can take lots of selfies!
(P.S. if the couple has children, it’s a good idea to arrange a babysitter so the couple won’t need to worry about a thing!)

Photo shoot:

Organising a professional photographer to snap pictures of a happy couple can seem like a gift out of the reach of a budget conscious gift shopper but search around for special offers as many studios offer great deals around seasonal holidays. If the couple has worked with a photographer before for photos reach out to that photographer again as they may offer different pricing for existing clients, especially if you play up the fact it’ll be a surprise present. Then again, you could always just DIY a personal photo shoot with an old school disposable camera and day out to take some snaps.

There you have it; some unique gift ideas for couples for someone who doesn’t know what exactly to get. Whatever you decide to get for the happy couples in your life, I hope that they appreciate your thoughtfulness!

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