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Getting Your Garden Summer Ready

It may seem like the warmer months of the year are an eternity away, you will be surprised at just how quickly they come round and you will want to be able to maximise your time in the garden. This means that now is the perfect time to start working on your garden to get it summer-ready so that you can be the first one to fire up the BBQ and get your friends over.

Getting Your Garden Summer Ready
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Here are a few ways to get your backyard ready for summer:


Now is the right time to start planting any plants or flowers so that they have plenty of time to settle in and start growing. What you choose will be a personal preference but bringing plenty of colour and life is a great way to add visual appeal so eye-catching plants like geraniums, petunias and begonia plants are all good options.

Creating Space

If you are limited for space in your backyard then there are always a few ways that you can maximise what you have. Hanging baskets, small furniture and using the walls for plants and decoration can all allow you to create an attractive and welcoming space no matter how small the garden.

Fresh Paint

The harsh winter months can take their toll on any exterior fencing, shed and garden gate which means that you need some fresh paint and to treat wooden surfaces (it is a good idea to do this at the end of winter). This can reinvigorate the entire backyard and create a more attractive space for relaxing.

Social Space

There are few things better in summer than relaxing in the garden whether this is socialising with friends and family or by yourself with a good book. You need to have a suitable space to do this with bistro furniture sets from places like Cox & Cox offering practical, stylish and elegant solutions which can work in any sized garden. You can then relax and enjoy spending time outside whether this is your morning coffee or a dinner party with friends.


Finally, exterior lighting will allow you to continue to be outside even once the sun goes down. Decorative lighting such as fairy lights and bespoke neon signs can be both practical and create a cosy and welcoming feel.

These are the main steps that you need to take to get your garden ready for the warmer months and taking action now will allow you to maximise the best time of the year.

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