Guide to Sunglasses: Layoners Shades that Best Fit Round-Shaped Faces

Do you know what type of shades is suited for your round face? Check out the tips for shopping sunglasses like Layoners if you have a round face:

Do you have a face like Drew Barrymore, Mila Kunis, or Kate Bosworth? The key to choosing shades is proportion and balance. Round-shaped faces should go for contrasting frames to heighten their features and lessen their imperfections.

What are the characteristics of round faces?

Guide to Sunglasses: Layoners Shades that Best Fit Round-Shaped Faces

A round face has feminine features and soft contour. The width and length of their face are almost the same.

The shape of your face doesn’t depend on your weight. A chubby individual doesn’t guarantee that she will have a round face.

Sometimes, a face can also fall between a round and oblong shape, or round and diamond type at the same time. The important thing is to know your dominant face feature. From there, if you’re sure that you have a round face, you can match the right frame for you.

A round face should have no distinct cheekbones. This type also doesn’t have an angular feature.

Angular frames suit their face well. You should go for frames that are larger than your face to have some definition.

Below are some tips that can help when choosing shades for round face:

Always shop for shades that have frames opposite your face feature.

Tip # 1: Choose angular frames.

If you have a round-shaped face, you need to wear a square or rectangular frame to balance your features. The soft contour can be defined well when you have an angular frame.

Tip # 2: Choose bold patterns and colours.

You need to emphasize your eyes and skin, so pick the right colour of the frame. The pattern and style can also make your eyes look pop out and somewhat bigger.

Choosing colourful patterns and bold hues can enhance the shape of your face and add dimension.

Tip # 3: The frame should have nose pads.

People with flatter noses and wider cheeks should choose the frame with nose pads.

Tip # 4: Never go for round or small sunglasses.

Round or circular frames as well as small sunglasses make the round face look rounder and exaggerate your features. Instead, go for the opposite by buying shades that have an angular frame.

Wayfarers and rectangular frames suit the round face well and give it a thinner, elongated look. These types of shades balance your features.

Different Styles of Shades for Round Face:


This type of shade doesn’t heighten any angle but the accent at the browline creates a balance. It also creates the illusion of height thus making the face appear to look slimmer.

A semi-rimless frame is suitable for both men and women with a round face. It accentuates the round face making it appear longer. Clubmaster is one perfect example of a browline style fitted for this shape of the face.


Also called an upswept frame, this looks good in almost all shapes of face. It provides a round face, an uplifting look and creates a contour. Just ensure to choose the one with angular lines.

Square/ Rectangle

Rectangle and square frames suit round faces the best. Wayfarers are a great example of this type.

Wearing frames that are bigger than your face balance your soft features. It also creates a longer and slimmer look.


If you like square frames, you can opt for full-rimmed that amplifies the effect of making the face look sharper. It creates more definition of drawing attention to the frame rather than the shape of your face.


This type of frame is very versatile that it also fits round faces. The pattern is flattering for the face that adds balance to a sharper look.

You can shop for a lot of styles and designs for a round face. You just have to ensure that it doesn’t amplify your round face and instead make it longer and slimmer.

Pick stylish frames that are available in different colours and shapes like what sunglasses Layoners has to offer. It’s very important to pick the frame with the correct size.

Don’t forget that you need to have an eye examination for corrective prescription shades. You cannot wear any eyewear without having your eye checked by an optician.

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