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Neuroplasticity is the brain forming new neural pathways. It’s the brain learning new things. It’s the brain-building new bridges. They say that once you lose brain cells, you can’t get them back. They’ve said this erroneously. The truth is, you continue to learn throughout your life. What stunts your development via entropic processes is the loss of telomerase binding your DNA.

Telomerase is the best thought of like the tape surrounding a bit of shoelace. As you trudge forward through varying environments, that tape is worn off until the shoelace becomes a frizzy conglomeration of uselessness. Looking at this process provides the viewer with an excellent mental picture analogous to the ageing process. In the analogy, the tape is the telomerase.

One of the largest factors in shortening your telomeres is negative stress. Remember, there are multiple kinds of stress. Some are good, some are bad. Working out and the drive to wake up early enough to get to a job are examples of positive stress. Getting stranded or injured are examples of negative stress. The more negative stress you can curtail, the more healthy you will be.

Educating Yourself: Kill Two Birds With One Stone

There are very few people who don’t understand the advantage of a project’s completion. When you have an idea, and you see that idea through successfully, it naturally feels good. This is because it is an example of positive stress, and inhering biological neuroplasticity has built new pathways in your brain increasing your intelligence quotient, ergo providing you with the ability to avoid future stress.

Consider building a piece of furniture. You’ve got to read the instructions, screw this in here, tighten that there, clip this here, etcetera—voila! You’ve got a new couch. Now, the first time you ever do something like this, it might take you hours, cause you to sweat profusely, and result in the children learning the expletive vocabulary they were previously unaware of, causing tensions with your spouse.

But the second time you build a similar piece of furniture, you may sweat a bit, but you won’t be nearly so angry—especially if you’re building the same type of furniture. As you continue to make such projects, you’ll be able to successfully pick up new ones that you’ve previously had no experience with because your brain has built neuro-pathways which save you time and stress.

In this way, negative stress can be transformed into positive stress. Think of it like the difference between a morbidly obese person trudging a mile out of necessity, and a healthy person jogging a mile a day as a regular health measure. Now consider that both individuals are the same person in different stages of life.

Learning Leads To Learning

Learning Leads To Learning, And Hence: Value

Once you’ve built enough things one way or another, you may even find you have a desire to continue building. Well, if your hobby is expanding, why not monetize it? Consider DIY steel building kits designed for prefabricated steel buildings.

Technology has advanced such that these buildings are sturdy enough to handle most weather. Says American Steel Span of its buildings: “[they] have been facing the weather throughout the United States for decades—without a glitch.”

These are projects you can commission to your own specifications then build in your own backyard. The resulting structure can be used to house vehicles, as a clubhouse for your kids, or as an emergency shelter. In the end, you’ll have increased the value of your home’s property, learned new skills, decreased negative stress, increased positive stress, and diminished the ageing process through dint of activity.

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