Five Tips for Driving Traffic to Your Trade Show Exhibit

Trade shows are all about making connections and generating leads. But before you can make sales, you need people to visit your exhibit. Driving traffic to your booth is challenging, especially when you are competing with large, attractive displays in a crowded exhibit hall. Whether you are a big or small vendor, here are five ways you can boost foot traffic to your trade show booth.

Trade Show Booth

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Secure a Prime Location

The best location for your trade show booth is an area with lots of traffic, but these top spots can be difficult to secure if you’re not a big name brand or VIP. If you find yourself in a less-than-optimal place, make the best of it with some pre-show homework. Study the event map in advance and learn where the bathrooms, lunchrooms, and conference rooms are located. Station your employees at these high traffic areas and use them to direct people to your booth.

Be Creative

Avoid a run-of-the-mill trade show exhibit. Think outside of the box and equip your display with elements that are eye-catching and trendy. Incorporate virtual reality into a demo or use a photo cutout to encourage attendees to snap a picture and share it with friends. Instead of purchasing a one-size-fits-all display, consider renting a booth for each trade show. Not only can you choose a design that matches the event’s theme but you also can be as creative as you want for each show.

Get Social

Don’t overlook the power of social media. It can drive traffic to your brand before, during, and after a trade show. Use the time leading up to an event to generate excitement about your booth. Share photos of your display and use teasers to pique people’s interest. Reach out to potential attendees before the event and schedule meetings. During the show, use social media to help people find your booth or announce giveaways. When the show is over, share your experience and reach out to people who were also at the event.

Have a Sample to Demo

Let people get up close and personal with your product. If you are marketing a pillow, set up a bed so people can try it out. If you are selling a household fan, re-create a living room in your booth space. A unique demo will generate buzz from one side of the exhibit hall to the other. Everyone on the show floor will be talking about your product demo and looking for your booth to see what all the excitement is about.

Interact With the Crowd

Make sure you bring staff members who are good at networking or selling so that they can effectively engage with event attendees. Have employees wear your company colors and logo to reinforce your brand. It’s not all about business, though. You want your staff to be friendly so that everyone will feel welcome at your booth. Offer visitors some coffee and snacks. The aroma alone will drive people to your booth.

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