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How to Maintain Your Garden in Winter Employing New Trends

Although winter months are the stay-warm-inside months and no one really sits in the garden, it doesn’t mean you can totally ignore your green space.

Garden specialists, Oeco Garden Rooms, share some useful tips that help you in keeping the beauty of your garden in the harsh cold weather. Additionally, you’d learn about the new garden trends for the upcoming year. Let’s begin!

How to Maintain Your Garden in Winter

How to Maintain Your Lawn?

It’s not like the grass will cease to grow during the winter season. On days when the sun is all warm and shiny, the grass will grow. If the grass’s grown more than you desire, you can just stop feeding it. Also, you can cut the grass to your desired length. It is advised to keep the length to medium level. Grass too short will not be able to bear the cold weather, and if it is too long, it will become weak because of the chill.

How to Maintain Your Lawn

Moss and weeds spread like wild fire. Keep them under control during winter. Moreover, make sure you clear the grass of fallen leaves and other debris that is blocking access to the sunlight.

Wait until winter if you want to prepare a new lawn. Dig up the area you desire to turn into a lawn and leave some bunches of soil on the surface, so that you can get the perfect foundation when the soil breaks due to the cold.

How to Maintain Your Plants in Winter?

The frost will start to kill your plants. The plants that survive will become inactive for the rest of the winter. Cut the dead plants and all the withered flowers and vegetables. If you don’t, they’ll damage your whole garden.

How to maintain your plants in winter

Use the fallen leaves as mulch and spread them over the plants that have survived and the soil. The mulch will help keep the temperature normal, so that the plants can get used to the harsh cold without much stress.

How to Maintain The Gardening Equipment?

You won’t need the lawnmower in winter, so it is best to take it out for some servicing. Check if the machine needs repairing. Have the blades sharpen and get a fuel change. Look for any damages in the electricity cable.

Lawn Mower Storage

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To make sure the cold doesn’t freeze the water in the hoses, drain them. Cover the taps and pipes with hessian fabric.

Your lawn tools are likely to rust in the winter season. To avoid that, clean all the tools and spray WD40 on them. If you need any of your garden tools, it is recommended that you clean them after each use and keep them lubricated.

New Garden Trends for the Upcoming Year

Winter season is the ideal time to decide how your garden is going to look like when Spring comes. Following are some garden trends for next year that you can keep in mind while planning your garden:

  • Go for Natural Landscapes:

Go for Natural Landscapes

Owing to busy schedules, people are planting low care shrubs, grass and perennials in their gardens because they need little attention. These plants give a very colourful and closer to nature feeling to your green space.

  • Grow Berry Bushes in Containers:

Growing Berries in your garden

Growing all kinds of berries in your garden doesn’t always require a lot of space. You can plant strawberries, blueberries and raspberries in little containers and place them anywhere you like. The berry containers look really gorgeous and can be moved around the garden with ease.

  • Plant Herbs:

Plant Herbs

Herbs not only require less care, they look beautiful too. Plant basil, cilantro, sage, thyme, dil, oregano and rosemary in pretty little pots and put them on the window sills. You can get your very own fresh herbs whenever you want.

  • Garden Rooms:

Garden Rooms

Garden rooms are perfect for gardening lovers. You can enjoy your favourite hobby in solitude in your own beautiful garden room. One plus point of these rooms is that you can plant even in cold because these rooms are insulated.

  • Hi-Tech Gadgets:

You can make an ideal garden with the help of the modern technology. There are some really interesting applications to guide you. Invest in the trendy smart garden lights to beautify your garden.

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