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How you make your house guest-friendly

One of the great things about coming out of winter hibernation is that we can all start inviting friends and family round to our homes to enjoy the sunshine and perhaps have a barbecue or two!

But for many of us, such a prospect can be a little terrifying, especially if our homes haven’t been paid much attention recently. So if you’re anticipating some guests, then it’s a good idea to get things sorted now regarding guest beds, storage areas and even a few extra towels to keep everyone happy!

Guest Bedroom

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Sorting out the guest room

If you’re lucky enough to have a guest room, then giving everything a quite clean over is essential. Too often our guest rooms can turn into storage areas, so be sure to have a good clear out to get rid of any non-essential items.

The most important part of any guest bedroom is undoubtedly the bed, and you can make visitors feel especially welcome with a simple guest bed from a brand like Bedstar that can even be pulled out to create a twin sleeping area that’s a whole lot more luxurious than making guests sleep on the sofa!

guest bed

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Solving storage issues

Most of our guest areas can also suffer from a lack of storage space which is where multi-purpose furniture can really excel. A nice rustic storage bench from A Place For Everything can go a long way in giving your guests a place to put their shoes, hats and accessories. Whilst a simple chic pull-out clothes rack can help ensure that your visitors can enjoy crease-free clothing during their stay.

One of the biggest storage issues is where to put those bulky suitcases. If you’ve got space under the guest bed, it can be a real lifesaver. But if you’re lucky enough to have living room furniture on castors, then something as simple as swivelling the sofa around can quickly make a discreet screen for any unsightly bags and personal effects.

The finishing touch

Other items to consider include making sure that your guests have lots of extra towels to help them enjoy their stay. One of the worst things you can do is to simply loan your old and hard bath-towels, so investing in some lovely luxury linen towels can really make all the difference!

Further welcoming touches include making sure your guests have enough power points for the variety of digital devices that are such a big part of 21st-century living. And once you’ve got the guest bed, bath towels and storage spaces in place, then a nice vase of flowers wouldn’t hurt either!

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