Impact of Technology in our Daily Life

Nothing on the earth can underestimate the influence of technology in our daily lives. Technology has changed things for good and it is only going to get better. Talking about the impact of technology we can safely say that technology has turned this into a global village. Back in time, we had no access to even our closest relatives. Back in time, it was not possible for us to educate ourselves online. Now things are changing for a better future. We should all thank technology for this.

Impact of Technology
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To make the point, it is imperative to talk about the effects of technology.

Influence of technology on entrepreneurship

It is not only today that the world is producing geniuses. They were here even back then but without any form of technology. If Newton had access to technology he would have gained a lot more than his research.

We live in a happy era. In this era, we have access to technology. With the help of technology, specifically Instagram, it is possible to do business even remotely. Technology has become a blessing for entrepreneurs. Not only can they launch a business online, but they can also even market their business themselves and become successful.

There are so many influences who with the simple click of Instagram are making a lot of money. We can quote Grant Cordon, Cristi Stone, and Jason Stone in this regard. They are earning from their laptops.

Even the best school ERP companies also make use of Technology so they can manage their business and schools better.

Omniscient Google is the best product of Technology

In a digital world there can never be a thing as omniscient as Google. It doesn’t matter what your query is, Google knows the answer. It can track your desired location and it can even tell you about your favourite scholarship. Moreover, can help you in studies and it can even guide you about relationship advice.

Ask whatever you want, Google has the answer. The omniscient Google is the best product of technology. As long as we are going to live we will be thankful for it.

Possibility of Earning money by doing social services

It is high time to shun the common notion that you are not going to earn anything while doing social services. Things are changing for good and the Impact of Technology is everywhere. With Technology, it is now possible for you to do social services for money.

For instance, you can search for odour control and sludge reduction services. Industries are creating havoc. Industries are contributing to pollution collectively. We can make an effort to control the waste that industries are producing. We can go for odour control and sludge reduction services. With this social service, we can even earn money.

It is the many blessings of technology that now we can find jobs that will even pay us for doing social services. Other than this technology can also be used for accounting. If this isn’t great what is?

Access to all the wonderful apps in one go

One can measure the impact of technology on our daily lives by seeing our access to hundreds of amazing applications. It really doesn’t matter which mobile operator you use, there are applications available for both Android and IOS. Simply by going to play store or app store respectively, you can access millions of applications.

Technology has made it possible to access applications related to everyday troubles. If you want to get to the location without making a mistake, you can take the help of GPS. If you want to prepare for your examination you can go for quiz up, Udemy or other general knowledge applications.

The app stores of Android and IOS have a variety of applications available. Even the students of MCAT and engineering have the respective applications available to prepare for their examination.

With the advent of technology, things have become very easy. We can operate an application within seconds and we can have a plethora of knowledge.

We have better chances in relations!

The effects of technology are profound. Now we have better chances of relations. Back in time, it was not possible for many men to approach females and you to have communication. Nowadays with a single click, we can approach anyone we like. Because of the advent of social media, the world has changed into a global village. Now we can access people of our liking anywhere we like. Communication is easy now because of technology.

We are becoming better at expressing ourselves

Freedom of speech is obvious now. Gone are the days when females had to keep mum so they didn’t offend patriarchy and society in general. Now things are changing. With the advent of technology, even females have found their voice. Now they are talking about feminism. Now they are expressing views about liberty, equality and even love.


The world is no longer cruel. The world is no longer lonely. The impact of technology are numerous and it is not possible to talk about all of them even if we keep on writing for weeks.

Technology is a blessing and it is steering society toward Prosperity, Wonder, and success.

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