5 Easy Tips That Can Improve Your Essay Writing Skills

Whether you’re writing for a class, a college application, a scholarship, or a contest; essay writing has been an overwhelming task for many students. Many students seem to be anxious about essay writing but it is actually an enjoyable task if you do it properly. We have provided some advantageous tips and methods for students that will help them improve and hone their essay writing skills.

These are some easy and useful tips for improving your essays;

Improve Your Essay Writing Skills
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Read other people’s essays:

Reading helps a lot in improving your writing skills. Just like reading books subconsciously mould your writing skills, same goes with reading other people’s essay helps in developing and improving your essay writing skills. Plus, it helps you recognize the material needed for writing well and informative essay topics. Try reading different types of essays on topics related to your academics and your interests. Try start reading essays on variety of topics, different disciplines have different styles of arguments, the more you read the more new writing techniques you can learn which will help you in writing your essays.

But, when you’re reading other people’s essays try to analyze them critically, noticing how persuasive they are, how they have balanced the arguments, how the facts are described, any new technique?

Another great way for improving your essay quality is by reading newspaper articles. They are an excellent way to learn opinion writing and argument writing.  Try reading the opinion pieces written by various writers and learn how the writers have presented and defended their opinions using facts and evidence. An essay should be balanced, you can learn a lot from newspaper articles as they are written by expert writers.

Enhance your Vocabulary and use it Properly in your Essay:

The better the vocabulary used; the more expressive, concise and clear your essays are. Using well-suited and profound vocabulary is a major characteristic of writing a good essay because readers don’t like wasting their time rambling over points and ideas that could have been expressed properly in fewer words as well.

Vocabulary and use it Properly in your Essay
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The best way of ensuring that you are communicating clearly and to the point with your reader is by using effective and advanced vocabulary in your essays. A good essay writer should never rest on their laurels when it comes to vocabulary; it’s something that needs to be increased regularly as there are always new words to learn which can help you in conveying your point accurately.

Here we are going to describe some great tips through which you can easily enhance your vocabulary;

  • Try subscribing to dictionary websites like Merriam Webster for their ‘word a day’ email service.
  • Read widely and try to use a dictionary for the meanings of words that you don’t know. This way you will not only learn the new word but also the context in which it can be used.
  • Try using a thesaurus for avoiding usage of same words over and over again. This way, you can add variety to your language making your writing more interesting.
  • Try using prefixes, suffixes, and roots in your writing. Knowing about roots of words allow you to learn a lot of new words. On the other hand, prefixes are added before words to change their context, while suffixes are added at the end of words.

Prepare A Roadmap For your Essay:

Prepare A Roadmap For your Essay
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Maybe you have heard it a hundred times to make a plan before you start writing and this is correct. It is best to prepare a roadmap for your essay as it provides the complete knowledge of the topic you are going to cover. Only then you can make points about what to write in your essay. One of the most effective ways for writing your essay plan or layout is using Elevator pitch.

Elevator pitch is a technique used by salesmen when they want to convince their customers for buying their products. Elevator pitch will give your reader the idea that why they should read your essay.

Making a roadmap for writing your essay makes it easier for you to properly express each and every point elaborately.

Narrate Other People’s Opinion Too:

While writing an essay it is important to discuss original facts and ideas of other people too. This way your readers can know about you and your reading habits. Try adding different citations and quotes in between your text, this way the reader will know about another’s opinion on the topic and it also shows your open-mindedness and respect towards other’s work.


No matter how brilliantly you have written your essay but if it has small errors and mistakes it will lose its worth. Proofreading your essay makes it error free because when you go through your writing, again and again, it allows you to find the small errors that you overlooked. Proofreading your essay ensures that there are no grammatical mistakes, punctuation is perfect and the spelling is flawless.

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