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Inchcape is an automobile retailer with a long history in business. While the company did not start as an automobile retailer, it has focused on vehicle sales and services only since 1999. The one hundred and fifty year history involves shipping and trading in other parts of the world. Today, the Inchcape automobile retailers operate out of the UK, but provide services and vehicles to other areas of the world. Ford dealers nationally accross the UK cab.


The history of Inchcape Automobile retailers dates back to 1847 with the Mackinnon Mackenzie and Company partnership. During the course of the partnership, James Lyle Mackay joins the organization and begins work in Calcutta, India. Mackinnon Mackenzie & Co. work through the following decades to increase their size and presence throughout India and the U.K. The company is eventually changed to the Inchcape & Company, Ltd, which is operated by the grandson of James Mackay.

Inchcape enters the motor vehicle business in 1967 with the purchase of the Borneo Company. When the third Lord Inchcape dies, the company is no longer attached to the Inchcape family name. By 1998, the company focuses its capital and attention on the motor vehicles aspect of the business which is the most successful leg of the company. In 1999, the company becomes a company focused on motors only.

Inchcape Cars Today

Today, Inchcape has a strong relationship with Toyota and represents their automobiles in Greece, Belgium, Singapore and Hong Kong. The company has moved into the modern era with the advances of e-commerce and their partnership with, which offers consumers the ability to make car purchases online with the service.

Users can shop for used vehicles from Audi, BMW, Ford, Honda, Jaguar, Kia, Land Rover, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, Mitsubishi, Porsche, Toyota, Volkswagen, Ford Direct and Smart. In addition to car buying services, customers have access to financing, insurance, servicing and automobile body repair. The Drive it Your Way program from Inchcape Automobiles allows consumers to determine the type of test drive experience they prefer. The car can be brought to the customer at home or work whenever they choose, or they can select an extended test drive which allows the customer to keep the car for a twelve hour period. Customers can also select a particular route for their test drive in the Drive it Your Way program.

Financing and fleet service are also available through Inchcape Automobiles.

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