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How to Dispense the Best Lenses to Your Patients

Dispensing lenses to your patients is one of the most important parts of being an optician. After all, if you can’t give patients quality lenses at the end of their eye examination, you could be losing out on business. In today’s day and age, when technology is everything, it’s key that ables you to reinvent your practice and offer to improve services.

Being able to measure patients’ eyes is critical to a successful optician’s practice. With new technology emerging all the time, this is a process that could be made much easier. Dispensing instruments such as Visioffice X are becoming available for opticians, but what difference can dispensing instruments make to your practice?

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The benefits of Modern Dispensing Instruments

Dispensing instruments in an optician’s practice are an important way for opticians to measure effectiveness and ensure the right lens solution is provided. Precision is key, and by investing in modern instruments you can ensure your patients’ lenses and frames fit perfectly.

Having the right measuring and dispensing technology installed in your practice can make a huge difference to your patients’ experience when visiting. It is key to find new ways to engage patients and make sure they are genuinely interested in your services, as well as their eye health.

What can new dispensing instruments offer?

In a world where almost everything seems to drive by digital, consider investing in digital technology that makes your life easier. Dispensing instruments can be helpful in making sure patients’ lenses fit them, which is paramount to your job as a successful optician.

Choosing the right dispensing instrument can have an impact on the everyday running of your practice. However, allowing for a modern approach to measurements that even includes automation. Looking out for certain features can help you decide whether it’s the right piece of equipment for you.

New dispensing instruments will be designed with high definition cameras, precision markers and even voice control, making the process so much easier and efficient. This can make all the difference in providing an interactive measurement service, creating the chance to analyse patients’ posture to dispense the right lenses for the job.

This leads to a revolutionary way of dispensing lenses, ensuring they personalise for each patient who walks through the door. Personalised lenses could be a huge selling point for your practice; being able to offer a lens solution that matches each person down to 1/10th of a degree.

So, if you’re considering the next step for your practice and how to enhance your services, technology should be your first call.

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