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9 Do’s And Don’ts To Remember When Moving To A New House

So, you are moving to a new house? Well, congratulations! But, are you done with packing, hiring movers after comparing removal quotes, and all the other preparations needed for moving? If this is your first time then you need to stay very calm during the entire process in order to make things go smoothly without tiring and stressing yourself. While moving, you will also have to take important decisions on which the entire moving would depend. As the first-timer, you are likely to do some mistakes which can put you in trouble. The do’s and don’ts of moving that you should know are.

Do’s of Moving to New House

Moving to New House

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1. Pack with Care

Your belongings need the most care during moving so, make sure that you pack them carefully so that they don’t get damaged during the move. If you are unsure about your packing then you can ask for an additional service of packing from moving companies.

2. Declutter As You Pack

Packing all the things in your house is not an easy task and there are many things that you discard and don’t wish to see in your new home. So, in order to keep your house clean, declutter all the unnecessary stuff and throw it away as you pack your things.

3. Pack One Room Per Day

To make things much easier, pack one room per day so that you have adequate time and can pack carefully.

4. Label the Boxes

Don’t forget to label the boxes as you pack as it makes unpacking much easier in your new home.

5. Hire the Right Movers

Do good research, visit several house removals, know their services and quotes then hire the best one having great experience and insurance policies.

Don’ts of Moving to New House

New Apartments

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1. Don’t Hire the Movers at the 11th Hour

Professional movers need to be hired at least 3-4 weeks prior to the move so that they can schedule their team and confirm their availability or else you will suffer great trouble in terms of availability and removal costs. So, search for movers and pick the best one weeks before the move.

2. Don’t Do Last-Minute Packing

This could be one of the biggest mistakes because, at the last minute packing, you will be panicking a lot and can forget the important things to pack or not pack the items carefully. Furthermore, if the movers would be at your place and your packing won’t be finished, it can add the cost in the total bill.

3. Don’t Procrastinate

Moving is a long process for which you should start preparations months before so that nothing is left for the last minute. Make a checklist as soon as your moving confirms and start winding up a few things on a daily basis.

4. Don’t Keep Your Valuables in the Moving Truck

All your precious items like jewellery, money or any item that is an expensive one should never be packed in boxes or bags that will be loaded in the moving truck. Keep such stuff in a bag and carry it with yourself to your new house.

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