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Easy Ways Of Getting That Gorgeous Natural Look In Your Home

That natural look is something a lot of us aim to accomplish. You want a home that’s bright and airy, while at the same time comfortable and classy. Going for a natural aesthetic solves all of that. Being surrounded by natural things also tends to have a great effect on our mental and emotional health. We simply feel better when we’re not surrounded by a synthetic world. So if you’re looking to make your home a natural haven, here are a few tips to get you started.

home a natural haven

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Add some life to it

If you want a house to feel a bit more natural, then introduce some actual nature to it. There are a lot of different kinds of houseplants you can get to fit whatever taste. Even if you’re looking for something particularly low maintenance. House plants also have some great benefits for those living with them, too. They purify the air and increase air quality, making it easier to breathe. They also have a host of calming and even happiness bringing effects. Perhaps it’s because they’re evocative of the beauty of outdoors. Perhaps it’s because they’re something we can take care of. Either way, they’re great for fighting anxiety, stress and boosting self-esteem. The extra oxygen that plants give off can even help you sleep a lot more soundly at night. That’s one reason to consider adding one to the bedroom.

Use natural materials

There’s a lot of great furniture you can get to keep the natural look in the home. But what about the surroundings of that furniture? What materials do you have decorating the walls and the floor? As with all things, going for a genuine natural look is the best. This can mean brick walls or wood panels. For the floor, Victorian Woodworks is an example of some of the premium flooring you can get. Natural materials can even be more eco-friendly and energy-saving than contemporary insulation is. All depending on how you use them, of course.  If you can’t go that far, then at least choose colours that maximise the light in the home. Which brings us to our next point.

Prioritise natural lighting

Natural light has important distinctions to us, compared to artificial light. We have internal clocks governed by the sun, which is why continued exposure to natural light is so important. That’s why you want to maximize its presence in the home. This can mean getting a sunroof in some rooms. It can also mean using things like thin blinds or translucent curtains instead of more opaque alternatives. The presence of brighter colours in the room can also do a lot to catch and retain light from the outdoors as much as possible. As for the bathroom, you want your privacy while still retaining that light. For that reason, misted or patterned glass can be a great way to get the best of both worlds. No more shower curtains you have to replace constantly if you get the right glass panels for the door.

Let a garden grow

You don’t have to focus solely on the indoors, either. If you have a garden, make use of it. Growing a proper garden is not only beneficial in that it creates a beautiful space for you. It’s also a rather fun hobby once you get fully into it. It also doesn’t have to be too big a garden for you to make use of it. Hanging or walled flower beds are handy for making the most out of smaller gardens. If you have the space to go all the way, it can be a great idea to incorporate a water feature. That’s one way to really max out the zen potential of the garden.

Focus on friendliness as much as style

A natural look is only as good as it makes people feel. You don’t want to compromise on your vision for your home. At the same time, you want your home to be a place that you can gladly bring people around in. There are all sorts of ways to make your home more guest friendly. Getting a guest room sorted out and having extra storage options ready for said guests is one way.

There’s no way to fake it to a natural look in your home. You need to actually surround yourself with natural elements. Whether it’s a fantastic garden or some indoor plants. Natural materials or plenty of natural light. Don’t compromise and make your home that relaxing retreat you want it to be.

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