How Can I Monitor Website Traffic (Easy Way)

Whether you are new to the online world or you’ve always had a web presence getting visitors to interact with your website is essential. The main aim is that they take some type of action and purchase a product or service. But in order to increase your chances of this, monitoring website traffic is crucial. When you understand user behaviour, you will increase your profit margins. There are several benefits to knowing how visitors are interacting with your website such as identifying and resolving errors, monitor how your pages are performing, knowing what type of content is most appealing to visitors and much more.  

How to Check Website Traffic

If you want to know how to identify visitors to your website, keep reading to find out our 6 top tips.   

Direct Traffic

Direct traffic is also referred to as direct access; this is when a visitor arrives on your website without having found their way there through another source. Direct traffic can come from a range of sources including: 

  • A link to your website clicked in an email. 
  • When a visitor bookmarks or saves your site in their browser.  
  • When a visitor enters your web address into their browser because they have used it before.  

Measuring direct traffic is important because it’s an indication of brand loyalty. When a high percentage of your traffic is direct, it means that visitors are actively looking for you because they either recognize you or they are thinking of you. For example, when a customer doesn’t have a website in mind and they are searching for a particular product or service; their first point of contact is Google. They will perform a keyword search and click on the first website that shows up. However, when they know what they are looking for and they come directly to you, there is more chance of them taking action when they get to your website.   

  1. Landing Page Conversions

After investing time and money into social media posts and email marketing that target your desired audience, when they click on your call to action, you want them to take action when they get to your landing page. If not, what you are doing isn’t working. Therefore, monitoring landing page conversions is essential to the success of your business. When you have access to what works and what doesn’t, you can make the necessary changes.   

Returning Visitors

When you eat at a bad restaurant, you are not going to go back. The same principle applies to website content. Your total visitors in ratio to your returning visitors will determine whether your content is good enough for your visitors to return for a second helping. When a potential customer returns, it is an effective way to identify website visitorWhen planning your content strategy, the aim should be to gain loyal customers who return to your website when they want to purchase a product or service you offer. There are several ways you can evaluate the performance of your content, these include: 

  • Direct URL: Direct traffic typically comes from returning visitors; this percentage will depend on your business model and marketing campaigns. 
  • Social Sharing: If people are sharing your content, it means they think its valuable. When your content has been of benefit to someone, they want to give someone else that same benefit and so they will share it through social media, email, text etc.  
  • Social Media Platforms: If you post your content on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin, the platform will provide you with performance analytics such as likes, shares, and the number of clicks your post has received. 

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate refers to the percentage of people who visit your website, and leave as soon as they get there. They don’t go to the menu tap and click through to any other pages, and they don’t read anything on the home page. What this means is that no alarm bell rings for the analytics tool you are using, and so they have nothing to record. The visitor left as quickly as they came, they bounced 

Bounce rate is a powerful metric for measuring website traffic because it provides you with an indication of the quality of your web page and whether the audience you are targeting is the right one. There are several reasons why a person might bounce out of your website, and two of the most common are a disorganized website, and information overload. In other words, the website was too difficult to navigate and the page was crammed with so much information, the visitor got overwhelmed and left.  

Duration of Stay

Research suggests that the average time a person stays on a website is 15 seconds. If you don’t capture the visitors’ attention during that time, you’ve lost them. According to Jon Lister from Elite SEO, web owners should be more concerned with the length of time visitors spend with their content as opposed to ‘vanity metrics’ such as page views. The number of page views you get is irrelevant if people are not engaging with your content. Therefore, it is essential that you create quality content because Google pays close attention to how visitors navigate through your site. They record things such as whether they click on the back button, and whether they make their way back to the search results because what they found was of no use to them.   

Visitor Flow

Visitor flow refers to the path visitors take through your website. On an analytics tool, this information is presented as a graph and allows you to see the following: 

  • The Connection Paths: Where a visitor starts, where they interact, and where they exit.  
  • Volume: The volume of page views per collection of pages or per page.  
  • Volume of Visits: How visitors arrived at your site. Was it through a campaign? A browser? Etc. 

Visitor flow allows you to gain deeper insight into your traffic progression, which provides you with valuable information about your web analytics in general.  

Final Thought 

To analyze whether your website is successful, you need to evaluate things such as conversion rate, click-through rate, bounce rate and where your visitor traffic is coming from. When you have access to this information it enables you to make the necessary changes to improve your website. Please note, website traffic monitoring is not a one-time event, what worked this year, might not work next year. User behaviour is constantly changing and it’s essential that you are up to speed with it so that you can continue turning visitors into paying customers.  


Five Clever Ways Businesses Are Going Green

With a growing number of the population looking to do business with companies that have highly sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, there’s increasing pressure on any business to improve their carbon footprint and minimize emissions. However, overhauling your entire company’s processes and procedures can seem like a costly exercise that diminishes profit margins and any ability your company may have to grow.

There are, however, innovative and quick ways to implement a greener way of doing business into your company’s day to day affairs. These quick wins can add up to a much bigger impact overall as well as encouraging further change in the future. When people begin to become aware of how their actions can make a significant impact on carbon emissions, they start to behave differently, which can amount to a big impact.

In this article, we list five clever ways businesses are going green so that you can introduce them to your office. They take very little forethought so you can start reaping the greener ramifications almost immediately.

Clever Ways Businesses Are Going Green

Quick Hacks To Make Your Business Greener

Just implementing one or two of these can be beneficial to your company’s carbon footprint, but introducing all of them as soon as possible will have the biggest effect.

Less printing

Start by trying to reduce the amount of paper your company uses. Ask yourself and your employees whether it’s necessary for them to print out as much as they are currently. By reducing the amount that your firm prints, you’re not only saving paper but also reducing the amount of electricity used in the act of printing as well. Ink is obviously also saved and all the plastic parts that an ink cartridge uses.

Making use of reused and recyclable items

So many companies have a culture of buying new all the time. However, buying reused items can be an easy way to cut costs at your company as well as reducing your impact on the environment. Buying new each time you buy any item — be it a desk, chair, or any other type of office equipment — involves more manufacturing than is required if you buy something that is pre-loved. Additionally, making use of older items until they are truly in need of replacing them is key, and increasing the use of recyclable items is also vital. Think about recyclable cutlery for example, but also bigger objects. There are so many ways you can use recycled items these days – right down to your very flooring.

Branded water bottles

Plastic bottles and plastic water cups are one of the biggest perpetrators of litter that end up in our seas and oceans, and consequently our beaches. To try to minimize how many water bottles and cups your firm uses, it’s a good idea to provide employees with a reusable bottle for their desks. These can be branded, further promoting your company as a green business. It may be a bigger investment at first than just providing a water fountain and cups, but over the longer term it will pay off.


A big expense for most firms is lighting. For that reason, so many companies try to use the cheapest bulbs possible to minimize costs. In the longer term, however, it can be much cheaper (not to mention much greener) to buy energy-saving light bulbs. They last longer and they also use far less energy trying to power them. In the past, people have complained about the lighting that energy-saving light bulbs have provided – however, the technology behind them has developed so much that you wouldn’t notice any difference now.

Hot desking

Hot desking and other innovative ways of getting your employees to work can have a big impact on your carbon footprint as well as those employees’ productivity. Make it part of your company culture, if possible, to work from home some days and use a hot desk on others. The reason this makes your company greener is that it reduces electricity costs, but also reduces your employee’s footprint by simply getting to work. Other ideas can involve holding meetings where everyone must stand – making meetings shorter, using less energy, and getting more done in the working day.

Quick And Clever Ways Businesses Are Going Green

Quick ways for your business to go green

Implementing green initiatives at your firm will become increasingly more pressing the more that our climate continues to change for the worse. Conserving energy and realizing the impact that each of us has on reducing waste is important, so it’s imperative that we do so during the working day as well as in our private home life. The list above mentions some quick but effective wins when it comes to going green, and there really is nothing to lose but everything to gain.


Best marketing techniques

Small companies or startups have no cash, however, they need to do advertising. Rather than zeroing in on expensive marketing strategies, these new companies must focus on some inexpensive promoting techniques. The magnificence of growth hacking is that it draws in substitute strategies for development, techniques that cost less. However, none of the mentioned below marketing techniques are free. Anytime you include individuals, workers, there will be money and expenses involved. In any case, here’s the reason these techniques are so ground-breaking. They don’t need an immense marketing spending plan. All these require is some time, some perceptiveness, and the sort of engaged and driven viewpoint that savvy advertising requires. For the promotion of your business and a boost in sales, you might require newest weekly ads.

1. Facebook ads for targeting people

Best marketing techniques

One of the most impressive digital marketing techniques you can use to advertise pretty much anything these days is Facebook promotions. With Facebook, you can connect with an unmistakable crowd and you can do it without any problem. You can focus by interest, age, relationship status, geographic area, thus a whole lot more. However, the trick here isn’t just about to click-traffic. You need to zero in on transformations and re-targeting through pixels. On the off chance that you don’t have a clue how to introduce the Facebook Pixel on your site, at that point you totally should figure out how to do this as soon as possible. Regardless of whether you’re not running Facebook weekly ads, you can build your audience with a pixel. Pixels track each and every individual who goes to your site, and you can assemble a custom audience around them.

2. Social Media Based Public Relations

Social media marketing

More than 30% of the time is spent on social media. Advertising experts and public relations professionals are rotating their strategies from exclusively focusing on putting their stories in media sources’ distributions to focusing on directing people to their social media profiles as well. To effectively pitch your accounts to journalists and media sources these days, you have to represent the content that performs well on their social media profiles and their distribution. So before you pitch your story, make sure that it’s appropriate and intriguing to the news outlet’s social audience.

3. Cross-promote

One amazing strategy that a few organizations use is cross-promotion. Cross-promotion permits you to join forces with related organizations who can market your product and services, in return for your advertising their product and services. For instance, on the off chance that you are providing grocery services to individuals, you may collaborate with a delivery service and you both promote each other’s services. The delivery service is your cross-promoting partner. It’s a shared benefit and doesn’t need a lot of work by any means.

4. Get More User-Generated Content

Everybody knows that content marketing is successful for inbound marketing. In case you’re not careful, content marketing can be costly. The solution is user-generated content. It involves asking your current customers and clients to recount their own story and compose the content, and you’ll open the channels to huge loads of new and engaging content that your audience will appreciate. Your clients will make and sharing content for you.

Just for Fun

Runescape 3 – Smoke Nihils Money-Making Guide

In Runescape, there are many creatures to kill for a profit. One of the best of these with relatively low requirements compared to how lucrative they are is Smoke Nihils.

The method in this guide will require startup gear and supplies to be able to engage with, as well as some relatively higher levels for best results. Consider buying Runescape 3 Gol​  d from Divica Sales for that jump-start in your gameplay.

Smoke Nihil Requirements

To access this method, there are the following minimum requirements:

  • Level 87 Summoning
    For the Smoke Nihil Pouches
  • Level 76 Slayer
    This is the Slayer level required to be able to damage the Smoke Nihil creatures.
  • Fate of the Gods (Quest)
    This quest will need to be completed to access the dungeon in which the Smoke
    Nihils reside.
  • Shard of Zaros
    The Shard of Zaros will ensure that the Nihils aren’t all aggressive towards you.
    Having the entire room of Nihil’s aggression is sure to result in imminent death for
    most players.

There are also some recommended levels and items to have to increase the proficiency of this method:

  • Level 96 Herblore
    For the use of Overload Potions, drastically increasing your effectiveness when killing
    the Smoke Nihil creatures. The Smoke Nihils drain your combat stats with their
    unique effect. Being always overloaded will negate this and reduce the need for
    using restore potions regularly.
  • Level 80 Ranged
    At least 80 Ranged is recommended purely for damage dealt and attack speed. Any
    lower than this, you may struggle to defeat this creature at any rate beneficial for
    profit compared to lower-level creatures available.
  • 81 DivinationAlthough not a requirement, level 81 Divination allows you to transmute other
    ingredients from your drops that you don’t need for this method into some useable for
    creating Smoke Nihils. There are additional Nihil Pouches that can be made, but
    Smoke is usually the highest profit margin.
  • Level 96 Summoning
    At level 96 Summoning, you can utilize Pack Yak familiars during the combat in this
    method. Using the Winter Storage scrolls, teleporting items to the bank will add great
    convenience to this method and result in less need for manual banking.

The Smoke Nihils Method

Nihil’s are located within the World Gate, in Freneskae at The Pit. Don’t forget your Shard of Zaros! When attacking the Nihils, you want to focus on targeting Smoke Nihils, as these have the lowest impacting special effect and, therefore, more convenient to kill.

The main drops you’re looking to collect are Aviansie Talons and, of course, Elder Charms. A Charming Imp will pick these up for you. Crushed Birds Nest is a pretty standard drop, resulting in a large amount of profit and the other Nihil’s tertiary drops that can be banked utilizing a Yak familiar with scrolls.

Once you’ve collected a fair amount of ingredients to make the Nihil Pouches, go ahead and take them to the Obelisk to create them. Each of the Nihil Pouches is around 170K each at the time of writing this guide, resulting in 5-6M per hour being an achievable overall profit expectancy.

Good Luck!

Enjoy the profits as you make the pouches. Although this method has some reasonably high requirements, it definitely pays off. This is a very consistent money-making method, with the Nihil Pouches usually keeping a steady value in the Grand Exchange.

Games Tech

3 Underrated Champions in League of Legends Preseason 11

Preseason 11 is certainly changing up the game. Currently, in Patch 10.23 of Preseason 11, here are a few Champions that you can use to decimate your opponents and carry your team to victory.

Maybe you’re new to League of Legends, or you just haven’t quite unlocked the Champions you want yet. Check out these prebuilt League Of Legends Accounts at Account Kings so you can jump straight into the game and play the Champion you wish to, now.


Quin: Underrated Champions in League of Legends

Time to tilt the top-lane with Quinn. A nimble Champion with the ability to frustrate your opponents and stop them when they attempt to close the gap.


  • Electrocute
  • Cheap Shot
  • Eyeball Collection
  • Relentless Hunter
  • Nimbus Cloak
  • Celerity


  • Doran’s blade built into Eclipse
  • Berserker’s Greaves
  • Collector
  • Infinity Edge
  • Edge of Knight
  • Mortal Reminder
  • Ignite

You should continuously be auto-attacking your lane, using your Q to mark opponents when you can. The idea behind Quinn is to bully your opponents back, preventing them from making a move. For those who can fight back, such as Darius, hold your E ready to save yourself in that scenario. Keep your wards placed in the enemy jungle, and be sure to pounce on any Low HP opponents passing through.


Amumu - League of Legend

For you Junglers out there, many of you may already know Amumu has been a powerful force in the lower ELO’s, but now he’s even holding his own in pretty much all ELO’s.


  • Conqueror
  • Triumph
  • Tenacity
  • Last Stand
  • Sheep Shot
  • Ravenous Hunter


  • Hale Blade built into Sunfire Aegis
  • Sork Shoes
  • Demonic Embrace
  • Abyssal Mask
  • Thornmail
  • Gargoyle Stoneplate

Although you’ll have the chance to pull off some early ganks, especially if you’re good with your skill shots, your focus with Amumu should be powering through the jungle. Amumu is more remarkable for the extended fights due to all of the AoE abilities. In group combat, as great as an Ultimate can look hitting many targets, it is better to go for quality with Amumu than quantity. Amumu is not a hyper carry.


As an exceptional team fighter as well as a solid mid-laner, Rumble is a great pick. With his constant AoE damage from the Q and the W’s tankiness, he’s excellent at dealing with Melee Assassins while still churning out damage. Kassadin is your worst enemy; ban him if you plan on playing Rumble if you can.


  • Arcane Comet
  • Numbus Cloak
  • Celerity
  • Scorch
  • Taste of Blood
  • Ravenous Hunter


  • Dorian’s Ring OR Dorian’s Shield against super poke heavy enemies
  • Build into Riftmaker
  • Sork Shoes
  • Demonic Embrace
  • Zoni’s Hourglass
  • Oblivion Orb
  • Void Staff
  • Morellonomicon
Games Tech

Getting the best out of World of Warcraft Classic

World of Warcraft Classic, officially released in 2019, is a nostalgic, classic version of World of Warcraft as it was in 2006. This means the graphics, content, and gameplay are all as they were in 2006. This makes World of Warcraft Classic very different from modernized MMOs in many ways, and to get the best out of it, there are a few things to keep in mind.

World Of Warcraft Classic

One way to get the best out of World of Warcraft Classic is to buy WOW Gold from Chicks Gold, enabling you to buy the armor and weapons you want without having to grind through the endless, tedious content.


World of Warcraft Classic is all about the process. Unlike today’s games, the 2006 based game focused on the leveling and training being the content itself. This means that the vast amount of enjoyment and entertainment should come from the progression itself and not necessarily the high-end content that it can unlock, although – That’s fun too!

The key to being able to enjoy this process the most is patience. Accept that it will take you time and effort to advance and progress in World of Warcraft Classic. Accept that you’re going to spend hours training at particular places and that you’re going to have to put the effort in to become strong and powerful.

WoW Classic


The world map in WOW is enormous. The expanse lands with various races and characters allow you to engage in a living world with other players. The content is everywhere. There’s so much to do that completing everything there is to do in World of Warcraft is inconceivable for most.

The key to enjoying the content the game has to offer is variation. Add variety to your gameplay. Try new things, go on quests and spontaneous adventures. Explore a direction you haven’t been in before, visit towns you haven’t seen yet. You should never feel confined to having to do a particular piece of content in World of Warcraft when there is so much more to explore and interact with.


Sometimes you can be so engaged with the piece of content you’re grinding for or the quest you’re in that you forget that there are thousands of other players with you. People from all over the world play World of Warcraft.

The key to feeling involved in World of Warcraft Classic is interaction. Interact with the world and interact with other people. Chat with NPCs and explore their dialog options; you’ll be surprised at what you may find. Engage with other players, ask them what they’re doing, help out a newer player, seek advice from a veteran. An MMO is precisely that, massively multi-player. Many people seem to forget the fruits to be harvested from interacting with other players, making new friends, and building groups to play content together.


At the end of the day, World of Warcraft is a game. A game intends to provide entertainment. So, enjoy it! So many players seem to be upset with grinding or completing particular quests, but the reality is, it’s all for fun. If you don’t enjoy specific parts of content, then you simply don’t have to engage with it for the most part. Enjoying the process is the best way to progress.