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Achieving Optimal Health and Wellness with Fulvic Acid

Fulvic acid is a nutrient that comes from the soil. It is very beneficial for overall health, helping to boost the immune system’s effectiveness, which we all know how important it is to keep it at high levels at these times. You might not have heard about Fulvic acid already, or not too often, or maybe you didn’t hear of it under this naming. Because soils nowadays are “exhausted” due to pesticides or herbicides, our bodies are no longer receiving the humic acids needed for optimal health. Farmers used organic compounds in the soil after cropping to ensure plants have the necessary nutrients, which is better for the environment and those who consume the crops grown. But now there’s no time for the soil to rest, so they are continually cropping, which can lead to an overgrowth of harmful pathogens. It could mean that the food on your plate has more pesticides, fewer nutrients, and more chemicals. It is a dangerous cycle, but the good news is that supplementing is possible and can provide so many benefits to our health. In the event that you need help moving the correct way toward wellbeing and health, here are tips to achieving optimal Health and Wellness with Fulvic Acid.

Boost your immune system

There is a reason why Fulvic acid is a hot wellness topic nowadays. People are starting to realize more and more how often they consume chemicals and food lacking minerals, so they need some answers to the question “What you can do to maintain your health?”. Fulvic acid is the answer. It refills your body with nutrients and minerals, which have been shown to improve the immune system. A more robust immune system means more energy, less pain, and a better overall mood.

Healthy gut, healthy life!

health benefits of fulvic acid

Gut issues are small intestinal bacterial growth, allowing toxins to go into your bloodstream, causing chronic constipation, diarrhea, and other affections. It might seem less threatening for your health, but it can develop into a severe body illness. Stress and other concerns might also cause gut issues, but one thing is for sure: Fulvic acid for a healthy gut. It can improve the health of your digestive system, bringing back beneficial nutrients and enzymes. With Fulvic acid, you’ll cleanse your body from toxins and give it time to heal.

Daytime energy and better sleep

Many patients started using fulvic acid to provide them daytime energy and better sleep at night. Fulvic acid helps the body absorb essential nutrients that many people lack for overall better health. Tiredness and low energy can cause imbalance or deficiencies of nutrients, and Fulvic acid can help calm the nervous system and improve your energy levels.

Treatment for pain

Optimal Health and Wellness with Fulvic Acid

Studies have shown that many people are harmed or even die due to overdosing on medications. Some medicines can be extremely addictive; therefore, it’s important to explore many possibilities for reducing pain, such as natural topical oils, and of course, Fulvic acid. It is beneficial for reducing pain related to gastrointestinal bleeding, colon infections, and hemorrhoids. Amazingly, Fulvic acid helps patients reduce their aches and stimulates their appetite, improved energy, and better sleep. These benefits will lead you to a better body balance, which also means a better life!

Web Development

The Drag and Drop WordPress Plugins – The Easiest Way to Build a Website

Creating a website can be a complicated and time-consuming task for someone who doesn’t have experience or technical skills. Fortunately, the abundance of WordPress drag and drop plugins can make the job a lot easier. We give you several reasons to consider using drag and drop plugins to create your new website or blog. Here’s the easiest way to build a website using drag and drop plugins.

One of the best choices to build a website when you cannot code

First of all, what is a WordPress drag and drop plugin? Also known as a page builder, such a plugin can help you to add any content to a page by utilizing the ready-made drag and drop elements such as blocks, modules, and widgets. In other words, you don’t need any coding knowledge if you decide to build your website this way. You will be able to customize, move, and arrange these elements and design unique page layouts.

creating a website - The Easiest Way to Build a Website

If you have chosen WordPress, you will undoubtedly discover that your site’s design is based on your theme. Note that the majority of premium themes include various features for customization. However, these features can be too complex for beginners with no coding skills. Thus, the adoption of a drag and drop page builder is highly recommended, as it enables you to build custom layouts for your site.

In fact, these builders are not only for beginners, as they are often used by web developers to speed up the process of creating custom designs for their customers.

How to choose the right drag and drop page builder for your WordPress blog?

Since you can choose between paid and free builders, this can be a starting point for your decision. To make this decision easier for you, we will compare Elementor (paid) and SiteOrigin (free).

According to HowToHosting.Guide, one of the expert platforms offering WordPress tips and tutorials, Elementor is perhaps the most powerful builder of its kind. It allows you to control every aspect of the design process from one single place.

Furthermore, it is a live page customizer, meaning that you see everything you do while you do it. The builder also features a rich template library with multiple designs, and it’s compatible with other plugins and with the latest WordPress versions. Some of its most prominent features include motion effects, full photo customization, and a shape divider. The price of Elementor varies from $49 to $199 per year, depending on the number of sites you want to build.

SiteOrigin, on the other hand, is free. It offers you the opportunity to add third-party widgets to your layouts. Note that elements or modules are named widgets, which can be confusing, as WordPress also uses the term.

Build a new website

The plugin also features prebuilt page layouts, which can be quite helpful. The overall experience of building a page with this plugin can be a bit complicated and time-consuming. It may not be a good fit for you if you are looking to develop a more complex page.

Compared to paid plugins, the interface of SiteOrigin can feel a bit outdated. Nonetheless, the plugin is rather satisfactory and it has been around for quite some time.

In conclusion, these are just two of many drags and drop builders. Depending on your budget and your website’s complexity, you can either go with a paid builder for a more complicated site or choose a free plugin for a less complex one.


What Might The Future Hold For Beauty Products?

Design and technology have developed immensely over the past decade or so. Whether it’s unlocking your iPhone through face recognition or you no longer have to use a key to start your car’s engine, sometimes we take for granted how modern-day innovations have impacted our lives. With brands across the globe battling it out to become a leader within their industry, it makes you wonder what lengths companies will go to in order to pave the way for the future of consumer needs.

With brands now paying close attention to the desires of their consumers, it has never been more important to focus on the likes of sustainability, whilst creating standout products which are going to make your brand an authority within its industry. To look more in-depth at this topic, 1HQ wanted to look at the future of the beauty industry and one of its potential products.

1HQ believe that the future of lipsticks could be about to change for the better and because of this, they have created a lipstick applicator which they believe has the ability to not only keep in line with technological advances, but which also meets consumer needs at the same time.

Colour-changing technology

Colour-changing technology - Future Hold For Beauty Products

Many people who use lipstick often struggle to find a colour which suits their skin type, but could this no longer be an issue? 1HQ’s design uses ‘Drop On Demand’ technology which will allow its formulation to flow through small nozzles and proximity sensors, in order to deliver a unique colour which will not only complement the users skin, but their outfit as well.

One of the most appealing factors about this product is that via the use of built-in software, once a unique colour has been created, the user will then be able to save the colour and even create their own patterns and tones.


Beauty products

How a product is made and packaged is becoming more important to a consumer. This lipstick however can be reused, meaning the constant need for packing is erased. Thanks to inkjet technology this lipstick won’t dry out like today’s products, meaning each use will provide the ultimate look.

Usually when a lipstick is coming to the end of its life, it will be disposed of and a new one will be bought in its place. This will no longer be the case with this applicator, as 1HQ envisages that autonomous filling stations will be located in beauty shops and similar venues.

After reading these points alone you can gain an insight into the possibilities for the future of the beauty industry. It’s an exciting prospect for any beauty fan and we want to hear your thoughts. Join in the conversation on social, using #ProductPredictions.

Home Improvement

Seven Easy DIY Tips to Decorate your Foyer

Everything about a house speaks loudly about the people residing in it. Whenever your front door opens, not only the guests get their first impression about the interiors, but also what they may expect when inside the home. By Decorate your Foyer, you are making an environment that makes visitors feel welcomed, relaxed, and cared for when they walk through your front door. An effective entryway will not only welcome you back every time you return to it, but will add an inviting atmosphere and style to the visitors passing through its doors. Here are seven easy DIY tips to make your foyer extend a warm greeting to all those who walk through this transitional space.

Home Entrance Decor - Decorate your Foyer

Eye-catching lighting

Eye-Catch Home decor lighting

Shedding some light in an important area should never be overlooked. Set up a lighting fixture which makes an immediate statement like a chandelier or even a decorative floor lamp to rev up the approach to your foyer. As a thumb rule, choose lights according to the space available. Small lights for small and large lights for larger spaces.

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Mirrors reflect light and make any area look larger than it actually is. Apart from giving a decorative look, mirrors brighten up a space and make it look cheerful even when there are no windows around. A well designed ornate frame will lift the looks of your foyer by leaps and bounds. If you are lucky enough to have windows, then go for a floor length mirror and place tables and chairs in front of it.

Let the floor stand out.

A stylish and a beautiful rug can add layering to the floor and brighten up the space between the great outdoors and your home. The size of the covering should be such that it fits the foyer floor exactly. Choose a dark shade, as stains can appear due to constant use and can be masked from the view of visitors. Remember to keep a vertical air gap between the carpets and the door to increase the life of the rug.

Pepper it with Art

One of the perfect place to adorn walls with statement artwork is in a foyer or entryway, as it is the first thing that catches the eye of anyone who walks through the front door. A bold piece of art or several ones, plus a bench or a console is all you need to add style to the passage to your home. Oversized artworks, for example, look good everywhere, but especially chic on the entryways as they are usually small and such an art piece will cover the entire space, making it cool and edgy.

Add plants

Front Door Plants

Creating a plush foyer is not all about splurging on plush accessories. By introducing beautiful living green plants into the entrance area, you can easily raise the aesthetic level of the space. High oxygen plants, prosperity plants, Fragrant Plants, and even decorative plants which require little maintenance but look great all the same. Species like the Golden Juniper are some of the most popular entrance way decor plants used all over the globe.

Use bold wallpaper

You can create a powerful effect by choosing a unique design and wallpapering one prominent wall instead of plastering every surface in sight. Bold graphic wallpaper can create instant intrigue. Entry wallpaper can add color, pattern and texture and a lot more when applied in the right way. Even the tiniest of foyers in urban apartments can benefit from the use of wallpaper because of the endless array of choices available. Pick the stick and peel version that can be changed without leaving any residue instead of making a long term investment.

Include the unexpected

There are many common things found in foyers, but the one thing which makes a lasting impression is the unexpected. That doesn’t mean you have to clutter it with things to make it look weird. You can easily pick up things like a giant hornets nest or large seashell from the flea market to give the vibes without having to pay for the frills.

Whether you have a giant entryway with lots of room or a door leading into a small studio apartment, an entryway should include items to help it look striking and trendy. A well-designed foyer sets the tone to the home, so make sure your space is charming and useful.


5 Fundamental Software Requirements To Develop iOS Apps

There are several fundamental software requirements to develop iOS apps. Developers primarily use Objective-C or Swift programming languages to code iOS applications. Thus, these languages require specific, refined tools. Fortunately, programmers have created many useful resources to streamline the development process. As a new iOS developer, you need to obtain the right software to get started building high quality apps. Whether you’re coding applications for the iPhone, iPad, or Mac, these tools undoubtedly influence your app’s success. Read on to learn about several fundamental software requirements to develop iOS apps.


Before you can start coding, you need to make sure that you have a functional Mac operating system (OS) on your computer. Apple has a specific integrated developer environment (IDE) that requires this operating system to write iOS programs. Therefore, a macOS is essential. If you have a PC, you could try installing macOS or using virtualization to access the OS. However, you may run into system freezes and crashes. In short, it’s best to purchase a Mac. Ideally, you should look for a machine with at least 8GB of storage. It’s also optimal to use one with an Intel Core i5 processor. The Mac mini or MacBook Air are both great options to code comfortably. Whatever system you choose, a macOS is essential to develop iOS applications.


Next, you need to install the latest version of XCode onto your computer. This is Apple’s integrated developer environment (IDE) specific for Mac and iOS apps. As an incredibly reliable solution, you can use these tools to create the best business smartphone applications for Apple devices. Once installed, you can utilize many tools to streamline your coding process. For example, XCode has an integrated interface builder to design interface prototypes simply. Often, you can do this without using any code. This way, you can build your prototypes much faster. Then, you can connect the interface to your XCode editor. Indeed, this makes it easier to lay out your windows, buttons, and sliders on your Apple device’s user interface. As Apple’s IDE, XCode is an essential software requirement to develop your iOS applications. It also streamlines the process as well.

Docker Registry

In addition, you should integrate an advanced Docker registry to store your container images throughout your software development lifecycle. To do this, you can install an Artifactory Docker registry by JFrog. Through its cloud-based providers, this container software offers massively scalable storage. Surely, it can accommodate your various users, servers, and potentially terabyte-laden repositories. Equally, this Docker registry is built to scale alongside your enterprise. With its high quality stability and reliability, this containerization software supports your network communications, even if your enterprise is spread out over various geographical locations. For this reason, a Docker registry is a fundamental requirement to build your iOS apps.

Dynamic iOS Libraries

In addition, create access to dynamic iOS libraries to successfully develop your applications. Indeed, reusable code is important to deliver your projects efficiently. In addition, many of these libraries are open source. Thus, you can use them to start maintaining a code base and collaborate with developers to complete your projects faster. For instance, you can install dependency manager for coding in Swift and Object-C. While you can do this using other coding frameworks, these are some of the best programming languages to use today. Many of these software options come with thousands of libraries to access reusable code. Because it’s open-source, there is a devoted Dev team and coding community working to improve its performance and functionality. In this way, dynamic iOS libraries are essential to collaborate and increase your development efficiency.

iOS Plugins

Furthermore, iOS plugins are another fundamental software requirement to code apps for Apple devices. These software components allow you to customize your coding environment. With your programming preferences directly installed, you can build your apps more efficiently. For example, some plugins adds visual information your code editing process in XCode. Essentially, they can highlight any deltas in your repository. Naturally, this makes it easier for you to identify and change lines of code. Based on your program’s parameters, it can also offer various suggestions. Surely, iOS plugins are crucial basic software requirements to streamline your coding process.

There are several fundamental software requirements to develop iOS apps. First, you need to make sure you have a functional macOS installed on your computer. Next, you need to download XCode, Apple’s integrated development environment (IDE) for Mac and iOS apps. In addition, you need to obtain an advanced Docker registry to store your Docker images and effectively scale your web application. Moreover, it is critical to use dynamic iOS libraries to speed up your development process. Furthermore, install iOS plugins to customize your IDE and streamline your coding. Install these fundamental software requirements to develop iOS apps.


COVID-19 Will Change Business Forever

The COVID-19 Pandemic has forced businesses to change rapidly, across the world. Business owners have been scrambling to stabilise operations, finding effective ways to communicate with customers and protect the workforce. The harsh reality of the situation is that businesses need to plan for the present time of dealing with the virus. Therefore, companies will need to consider the continuing after-effects it will have in the world of business.

In the coming months, we are going to consumer spending sink, as unemployment rises and consumer spending shrinks. Therefore, this will see many businesses disproportionately affected over the coming years and months. Consumers are likely to focus their spending on Groceries and Digital Entertainment services, rather than more luxury purchases of travel and prestigious products. There will be many industries who struggle, including restaurants, sports, real estate and automotive. The adoption of automation and AI technology will also increase at a m0ore rapid pace in our society.

Effect of COVID-10 on business

Ensuring you have an online presence

Your business must have an excellent online presence. Even more of us (young and old) will be using the internet more frequently than usual. Online shopping and browsing for services have been growing trend throughout recent years; however, this pandemic will make the adoption even quicker. Those who have an excellent online presence will come out of the COVID-19 pandemic much more robust than those who dont. A Pay Monthly Website will help you achieve that goal.

Online Business during COVID-19


Transform the way we work

For years long commutes, travelling aboard for an hour-long meeting and working in large offices has been the norm. However, travelling to the office and for going to meetings is time-consuming on a personal level. Therefore, it takes more of your time from seeing your friends and family.

The pandemic has shown companies that you dont need to work this way. Even though virtual working is required often throughout the COVID-19 pandemic for safety reasons, this will most probably continue even on a part-time basis after the pandemic. When staff work from home, it can provide the company with many benefits. The company could require less office space, which would assist them in driving down costs. Staff can also achieve a better work/life balance, as the long daily commute could be a thing of the past. There could also be many environmental benefits, with fewer people travelling to their workplace or for meetings.

Improving operational supply chains

Organisations are adopting an agile working model to speed up decision making and drive a digital transformation. Companies are finding this as a ‘decentralisation’ which is driving benefits to companies through improved resilience and flexibility in workplaces.

Over the years, some businesses have relied on too few suppliers or one geography. During COVID-19, companies have been digitalising their supply chains, to improve process speed and transparency. They have also used this as a way of reducing their dependency on individual suppliers.


Change is always difficult for business, especially when it is needed so quickly. However, if you ensure your business adapts quickly to change, you can be assured this will pay you dividends in the future. We highly recommend that you start planning for the new normal now, as its effect will be long-term and not just short-term.