10 Reasons It Is Important to Hire Attorneys For Traffic Tickets

Many people wonder if it’s really worth hiring an attorney to fight traffic tickets. Sometimes, it may not be, but many times, an attorney can help you find a better solution than simply pleading guilty to a ticket that could affect you in more ways than you realize. If you have a CDL, for example, you could lose your license if you get ticketed for a DUI.

Policeman Giving A Traffic Tickets
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Here are 10 reasons you should consider hiring traffic lawyers California with The Ticket Clinic when you get traffic tickets:

  • Keep points off your driving record. If you accumulate too many points in a given time frame, your license could be suspended.
  • Maintain your insurance rates. Some moving violations will almost certainly raise your premiums.
  • Avoid traffic school to remove points from your California driving record.
  • Avoid paying the fine, court costs and any penalties.
  • Some moving violations can affect your ability to get a job or keep your job.
  • Negotiations are the rule in municipal court, but it can be scary to have a conference with an attorney without someone who knows the territory.
  • Many times, police officers don’t follow the rules when issuing tickets. You need someone to protect your rights.
  • You might be able to avoid other negative penalties, such as having to attend rehab for a DUI or doing community service.
  • Attorneys with The Ticket Clinic are well-versed in the law and can identify flaws in your case more readily than you could.
  • By getting a consultation about your situation, you have legal advice that will help you move forward.

The Ticket Clinic offers free consultations from real attorneys, not robots. Use the online contact form, search “California speeding ticket lawyer” in your search engine, or call 1-800-CITATION for more information. Don’t just pay the ticket without talking to an experienced lawyer who can give you information about your situation.

Web Design

Tips and Rules for Designing The Best Labels

As a graphic designer or marketer, you may find yourself in need of custom labels for products and marketing materials. Creating your own labels can help give your products an edge in the marketplace and enhance your overall branding strategy. Consumers will often see your labels before nearly any other design related to your company so label design is a great opportunity to make a solid first impression. Knowing the right tools and methods, along with some important rules and field-tested tips will ensure your company labels look professional and effectively grab your potential consumer’s attention.

Designing The Best Labels
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Choosing Label Design Applications:

Perhaps the most commonly used application for creating labels is Adobe Illustrator. This professional design program allows you to create scalable vector graphics that can be resized to fit on any surface without loss of quality. Adobe Illustrator works by plotting points and lines on a canvas that can be reduced to a mathematical formula and replicated on various scales. This differs greatly from standard raster image types most often used by Adobe Photoshop and other applications. If your label will contain photo-realistic images and graphics, you will want to have access to Photoshop as well, as it’s better for details like those found in common photography. Using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop together is a great way to create scalable label designs for any product. If you need a free alternative to Photoshop or want to make your labels in open-source software, try GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) for your vector or raster designs.

How To Best Make Label Backgrounds:

One of the best ways to get started making your label is to find a stock graphic online with free commercial usage rights. Freepik is a popular source for these types of graphics. Download or create a basic vector background that reflects the tone of your product and company. Many backgrounds are available on this site and others contain embellished borders, drop-shadows, and textured canvas areas that can give you a great head-start on your label.

Label Fonts and Typography:

If you already have WordPress hosting then you may be familiar with plugins like WP Typography that can allow you to import fonts and another typographical styling to your interfaces. Use the same fonts and typography that you generate for your website on your label to give your company a coherent and uniform branding. Make sure all the fonts on your label are well legible, as many consumers want to read even the smaller print before making a purchase or consuming products. Limit your font variety to no more than three fonts per label to avoid looking out of sorts and unorganized.

Matching Colors for Labels:

Another important aspect of your label is the coloring. All colors found on your product label should match or at least be compatible with the colors on your website and printed marketing materials. This will help keep your branding recognizable and make it appear that your product line is well established. WordPress hosting users can use the TinyMCE Color Picker tool to select the best colors for their site and labels. The colors that sit opposite each other on the color wheel are usually great matches, so if you get stuck just match two colors like Yellow and Purple or Green and Red.

Content for Labels:

Don’t forget to add all the content to your label that consumers will be looking for as they shop. This includes ingredients and allergy information, contact information for your company, as well as branding and a short marketing pitch. Try to sum up why your product is a great choice for two or three sentences that engage the potential consumer without confusing them. Some humor may be appropriate depending on your product type. Use a sharp and easy to read font for the smaller text on your labels like your company address and any copyright information so that users can quickly decipher this information.

Creating your own labels is rewarding and gives your products a custom and professional feel. Make sure to use colors that complement not only each-other but the general color schemes used on your website and other marketing papers. Select fonts that reflect the mood and tone of your company but make sure they are easy to read while on the go such as for someone who is shopping in a store or glancing at your product on a shelf.

Add in all relevant information to your label so you don’t leave consumers confused, but keep your product description and sales pitches to a minimum to avoid frustrating potential customers. Consider combining design applications like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to make the most of your canvas and incorporate vector and raster images and graphics. Tools like typography plugins for WordPress and Color Selectors that you may already be using for your websites can also be used to make sure your labels look great and conform to your company branding and style guides.

Health and Fitness

Coping With Varicose Veins During The Summer

Varicose veins or swollen blood vessels are never a good thing to have and the problem can become even worse to manage during the summertime. The compounding effects of the dehydrating heat, the demands to travel as well as the societal pressure to show more skin can all be nightmares for sufferers.

In-fact the heat can exaggerate symptoms, leading to heavier swelling in the legs. Travelling on planes for vacations means a long time sitting in one position which gives less chances to stretch the legs and aid circulation.

Despite the conditions, summertime should be able to be enjoyed by everyone and this is no different for those with problem blood vessels. Following the simple tips in this article, you can make sure that you get the most out of your summer without your varicose veins becoming a hindrance!

Varicose Veins During The Summer

Of course, the best way to avoid this issue is to seek treatment from a professional vein center.

Avoid Sitting for too Long:

This might seem like a no-brainer in summer since there are so many outdoor activities commonly enjoyed. In fact it may not be the activities you need to worry about, but the journey to-and-from them.

Driving or sitting down for a long time as a passenger will have a negative impact on blood circulation in the veins, leading to further bulging. The confined spaces of cars, buses, and planes leave little room for exercises that help with circulation.

Therefore you’ll become trapped in an environment where little can be done to treat your symptoms. But there are some steps you can’t take to minimize the impact.

If travelling via aircraft, pay for extra legroom if it’s available. If in a car take advantage of the available rest stops and perform your exercises. Taking any opportunity you can to avoid stationary sitting will help a great deal in the long run.


Summer is a great opportunity to get outdoors and carry out a number of helpful exercises. Even just walking around the block will do wonders for circulatory health.

Activities like cycling, jogging, roller-skating and everything in-between are all great ways to promote circulation and build up your stamina. Getting the blood moving any way you can is one of the things you can do to ease your varicose veins.

Varicose Veins

Drinking plenty of Water:

This is a pretty obvious health tip that applies to everyone but many people forget to hydrate properly during the summertime. This mistake is even worse if you suffer from varicose veins as proper hydration is essential for promoting good circulation.

You will naturally sweat more in summer so you will need to drink more water to compensate for this. Your body may become deprived of electrolytes and minerals so coconut water is a great, natural drink that can replenish you.

Alcohol is not recommended. If you absolutely feel the need to partake then make sure you do so in moderation and drink plenty of water in-between the alcohol.

Clothing considerations:

Many people with varicose veins will dread the warmer weather because everyone else will be showing off their legs in shorts and summer dresses. This not only affects the self-esteem of sufferers but might prompt them to cover up with clothing that isn’t ideal.

While you might be tempted to wear skinny jeans or tights they are probably too tight for your skin and won’t help with the bulging blood vessels. It’s better to go with loose clothes like a long dress or cargo pants.

Loose clothes will allow the skin a chance to breathe and provide relief for the legs. They’re also a great way to protect against sunburn which can be particularly nasty for varicose vein sufferers.

For those who wear compression stockings, there are plenty of options that are discreet as well as easy to hide. You don’t have to stop using them just because the weather (and fashion) has changed.

Business Legal

3 Reasons Why You Should File A Lawsuit

There are a lot of people out there that have been wronged by another person or another business and they don’t know what to do about it. So many people will just go on with their daily life and say “there is nothing I can do about it”, not realizing that a lawsuit can be filed. There are three main reasons why someone should file a lawsuit and we listed those below.

File A Lawsuit
Image by Pexels

1) If you are Injured or There is a Breach of Contract:

If you are injured because of someone else then there is no reason why you should have to suffer from those injuries. For example in a car accident case, when someone else is at fault, but you are the one suffering from injuries and pain. These types of situations are terrible and someone can wake up every day in pain and with less confidence in order to move on with life. No one should suffer these types of problems and if they do, their situation is ripe for a lawsuit. We asked a personal injury attorney in San Diego how these types of things should be handled if you are injured. The response was that it is very important to consult with an attorney because you never know what the future may hold in regards to your injuries.

Another situation is if there is a breach of contract. If you have a legal binding contract with someone then law says that both parties should abide by that contract. If one party breaches that contract then the other party is able to sue for damages and they are often able to sue for attorneys fees.

2) To pay your Bills:

Accidents can often come with tons of bills, especially in the United States. The Average cost of an MRI in California is around $5000 and the Average cost of an ambulance transport can be up to $10,000 or more. When a personal injury case happens the party that hit you should be responsible for the damages. If you are stuck with the damages you may be paying them off for life. One of the main reasons to file a lawsuit is strictly just to be able to pay off your bills.

3) Future Medical Expenses:

Future medical expenses are very hard to predict and almost impossible to determine. When someone has a broken bone for example, they may recover and think that everything is fine. Some people even settle with insurance companies early on, not thinking about the future. However, the problem is, in these types of situations bones that have been broken in the past are more likely to be broken in the future. That means that any small future injury could be aggravated by the previous injury. That is why it is always important to research all of your options and if you are injured it is a good idea to file a lawsuit.

Home Improvement Tech

Top 10 Cool Home Gadgets You Can Buy Today!

It is a natural instinct with the human beings to seek comfort and luxury as much as possible and affordable. Comfort comes both from the inner contentment and the daily-based facilitation being provided through the cool home gadgets we use in our homes. Here, all of us are in face of a problem as to which cool home gadgets are useful and which are just unnecessary. In order to enable you to make the right decision, we have discussed ten worthwhile cool home gadgets which will surely benefit you if you go with them.

The August Doorbell Cam Pro:

August Doorbell Cam Pro

Security of a house is the prime most factor towards a safe and sound smart home idea. A smart doorbell serves a lot in this regard and keeps you mentally relaxed and well-secured. If you replace your existing wired doorbell with the August Doorbell Cam Pro, you will be able to see and communicate with whosoever is at your door with the help of a full colour HD video being displayed on your smartphone.

Connected with your smartphone 24/7, this.or-bell  possesses its own LED glow and floodlight which turn on as soon as any movement is detected even at night. This smart doorbell integrated with Alexa for ease of use can also record video with Hindsight even a few seconds before someone approaches the door. In short, you will always remain well aware of your home entrance.

August Smart Lock Pro + Connect Bundle:

Immensely popular nowadays, smart locks grant you the idea of keyless entry for your home and an ideal 24/7 security as well. With this lock, you can control and monitor your front door from anywhere there is an internet connection. Integrated well with Alexa, Siri Google assistant, and IFTTT, this smart lock can also be controlled with your voice. You can also track who is coming and going into and out of your home with a 24/7 activity log right on your smartphone.

iDevice Thermostat:

Pretty economical, iDevice Thermostat not only presents a modern look but also never proves a drain on your budget. It lies in between the cheapest but ugliest common thermostat and a very expensive Wi-Fi smart thermostat. If you are connected to the internet, you can control the temperature with your smartphone. Able to respond voice commands, iDevice Thermostat can also be controlled verbally if integrated with Alexa or Siri.

It also works with most heating and cooling systems if you remain connected with a “C” wire. So, it is remarkable being modern as well as economical at one and the same time.

Air mega 300s Smart Air Purifier:

Airmega 300s Smart Air Purifier

This most advanced air purifier so far is equipped with a smart mode able to adjust the air filtration speed as per room’s current air quality. A brightly coloured LED ring is also there to tell you the freshness of the surrounding air. It will also keep you alert about the changes in quality of the air surrounding you. This smart 300s Air Purifier is also loaded with a lifetime filter indicator guiding you exactly when to change the filter. This internet connected smart gadget also has a sleep mode that reduces the fan speed when you are sleeping. Capable of smartphone usage and tracking with the app, this is undoubtedly the best cool home gadget.

LIFX Mini:

These smart bulbs having a very intuitive companion app are very vibrant, flawless, easy to set and connectable to IFFTTT and Alexa. They give an output of 800 lumens and possess a smaller form factor than the original LIFX A19 bulbs. Hence, it will be quite possible for us to fix them in the lamps where a bulb with a lower profile is required. So, LIFX Mini is also a very economical and wonderful cool home gadget.

Geeni Vision Security Camera:

Geeni Vision Security Camera

This is a super cheap smart home security camera which is very easy to set up and connectable to your smartphone or tablet. In addition to providing a 720P live streaming video of your home, it can also send alerts whenever there is motion in the room. It can also record the happenings and facilitate you to watch them later. Equipped with a mic and speaker unit, it enables you to listen to the room and talk to anyone inside. With all of its marvelous ability, this Greeni app walks you through the setup in 30 second time which is why we have included it in the list of best cool home gadgets.

Neato Botvac Wi-Fi Connected:

Neato Botvac Wi-Fi Connected

This home gadget is a vacuum cleaner connectable to your home Wi-Fi for smart home integration with things like Amazon Alexa and IFTTT. Neato companion app is capable of cleaning your floors even in your absence provided you are connected to the internet. Loaded with Laser smart mapping and navigation, it can plan and methodically clean everything rather than just getting stuck on something while politely bumping into your couch.

Moreover, this Wi-Fi connected smart vacuum cleaner possesses two modes. The first mode, called Eco, gives a quieter and longer cleaning saving a lot of energy while the second mode, called Turbo, blesses you with a super-powered quick cleaning of your floors and other things with maximum pet-hair removal.

Petcube Bites Pet Camera:

Petcube Bites Pet Camera

With a majestic 1080P HD colour video and a 158 degree wide-angle view, complete with night vision and 3x digital zoom, this useful cool home gadget allows you to keep an eye on your pet and home when you are far away. Besides being able to talk to and hear from your pet, you will also be able to FLING treats at your pet remotely with the help of your smartphone. Further more, with a capacity of 2 pounds of the treat, this gadget enables you to play with your pet even from your office.

Logitech Pop:

This most frequently used home gadget allows you to control multiple things with a simple push of button. Even without the actual presence of your smartphone, everyone at home can use this smart gadget. It can do wonders for your facilitation regarding common household tasks with just a push of button. Teal, coral, alloy and white are the colours in which this gadget is assembled and can easily be stuck to the wall with a tape while its button can be set on your desk or anywhere else. With the Logitech POP, you can let your kids turn on the T.V, turn on Netflix, Lower the lights or turn them a certain colour, turn on your favorite music right when you step into the threshold, etc.

Frigidaire Wi-Fi Smart Window Air Conditioner:

It always causes extreme nuisance when you forget to switch off your Ac while leaving home and it occurs to your mind when at office, but you are helpless then. Same is the case when you want to switch it on before you get home, but you can’t do so without being at home. But now, with this Wi-Fi smart A.C, you can do so even from your office without a slightest hitch. No doubt, a bit costly, but it is too useful a cool home gadget.

These are some of the best cool home gadgets which will facilitate you to the maximum.

Business Web Design

Top Business Card Templates for 2018

Business cards are often the first tangible product your potential clients will see and associate with you or your company. Having a small, neat stack of business cards on hand can do more for your business than nearly any other marketing or contact information materials. With several trends emerging in business cards as of late, it’s a good idea to use a template to make sure you’re giving a modern and professional impression on your card stock.

Business Card Templates

Download some of these top business card templates to turn a brief meeting into a solid sale or business relationship.

Corporate Business Card

1) Corporate Executive Business Card Template:

This powerful template uses a solid-colour dark background selection with red or blue font options to convey a professional, corporate look and feel. This is a great choice for upper management and company owners who want to make a strong impression.

Business Cards with Images

2) Business Cards with Images:

Printing a background image on your business card is a great way to show you put in the extra effort. Adding a cityscape, product image, or other graphics to your card can help make a bold impression or encourage your customers to associate your name with the product or service you’re offering.

Download this template along with its stock photo or replace it with your own graphic for a more customized card.

Photography Business Cards

3) Photography Business Cards:

A well-designed business card can be a photographer’s best friend and ally in business. This amazing card template allows you to use one of several high-quality stock photos, or swap with your own photography sample for a well-crafted business card. Print this high-resolution business card template on a commercial printer for best results.

Digital Business Card Templates

4) Digital Business Card Templates:

While you still have the option to print the digital business cards you design with Haystack, you’ll have a great digital version as well. This is the perfect choice for modern businesses who want a classic appearance on the web reminiscent of traditional business advertising. To make and utilize this digital business card maker simply download the app and enter your contact information into one of the included templates. Purchase Joomla hosting to share your card with others through a personal or business website.

Rounded Corner Business Cards

5) Rounded Corner Business Cards:

If you’re looking for a way to add spruce of creativity to your business card while keeping the classic white and black format, this rounded-corner template is perfect for you. This is an ideal card for those with artistic businesses like Etsy shops and bakeries. This card template costs $6 and is downloadable in PSD (Adobe Photoshop) format.

Monochrome Business Cards

6) Monochrome Business Cards:

Monochrome business cards match nearly any colour scheme and business theme. This monochrome card design is super easy to make your own by adding a few lines of contact information and printing. The grayscale scheme on this card offers a neutral platform, suitable for all business types.

Watercolor Business Card

7) Watercolor Business Card:

This watercolour style business card is a must-have for anyone in a style-based industry like florists, bakers, artists, fashion, and store owners. The card contains a pretty, appealing watercolour-like background splash with plenty of room for a name, address, and contact number. This is a double-sided business card, which looks expensive and classy when printed on heavy card stock paper.

Vertical Business Card Templates

8) Vertical Business Card Templates:

This vertical business card template is rated as one of the best card designs for 2018 by Envato market customers. Not only does this card break the monotony of traditional, horizontal cards, but it also comes with a back-facing design to further enhance your card’s aesthetic. This tech-savvy card can also be used digitally if you wish to post a copy on your website or blog. All you need to share your card digitally is a web host and website URL. Getting Joomla hosting is a great way to start an online business without paying CMS fees and make use of your new high-tech card.

Black Business Card with White Font

9) Black Business Card with White Font:

Inverting the white space on your business card to use a white font over a black background is a great way to make your business stand out. This card is perfect for those in the arts, technology, entertainment, and foodservice industries. Keep your text minimal and typography clean to capture the intended sleekness of this card’s design.

Minimalist White Business Card Template

10) Minimalist White Business Card Template:

Sometimes going with a clean, simple business card is best. This downloadable minimalist business card template makes use of white space to get right to the point. If you’re looking for something a little less flashy, you can feel comfortable handing this business card out in any setting.

Whether you want a graphical, high-tech looking business card or need to keep it simple and straightforward, these templates will help you create a professional card stock communication for any business person, artist, or expert.

Download one of the templates listed here to save money on the design and printing your business cards.