Pets Suitable For A Family Home

If you are looking for a way that your family can create shared experiences and make memories together that will last a lifetime, then maybe it is time to consider introducing pets into your household.

Keeping a pet is, for many people, an indispensable part of the family experience and both children and adults can reap the rewards of pet ownership. For children, owning an animal is an important step to learning about responsibility while adults will enjoy watching their offspring connect and play with their pets.

For families considering bringing a pet into their life, there are a number of animals to choose from, and parents need to consider which option is best suited to their home, lifestyle and preferences. Here we take a look at a few of the popular options of household pets and what potential owners will need to be aware of before committing to pet ownership.

Cats as family pets

Cats are a popular choice for families and can make a rewarding pet for all age groups. Children adore cute kittens and, in the early days, a cat is likely to be fun and playful, so be prepared with cat toys that allow for scratching and climbing. Families should, however, try to remember that as cats grow they like to assert their independence and they should always lead play.

Cats as family pets

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If your cat is going to be allowed outside, you may wish to invest in a cat door for your home as this will prevent you from having to act as a “cat butler” letting your new pet in and out at its demand! Installing one of these nifty flaps can also remove the need for keeping a litter tray within your home, as cats prefer to go outside when given the opportunity.

Getting a dog for your family

Another popular choice of pet for families is the dog. They are wonderful and rewarding animals to bring into the family home, but dogs do require a lot of commitment from their owners. Families should ensure they carry out their research and are prepared to meet their new pet’s needs before they bring home that four-legged friend.

dog for your family

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Things to consider when planning for dog ownership include finding the right food Like best chews for puppies or other suitable things like that for a puppy, planning a schedule that will provide your new pup with enough exercise, and how you will train your dog to ensure that it is able to act appropriately at all times around other people and animals.

If you are interested in the idea of a dog as a family pet it can be a good idea to talk to your local veterinarian who will be able to offer advice on everything from healthy food for dogs to local obedience classes and will help you prepare for the newest (and liveliest!) member of your family.

Small pets for families

If work commitments, lifestyle or living arrangements mean that your family feels unable to commit to keeping a cat or dog, there are still a number of pet possibilities for you to consider – many households begin their journey into animal ownership with one of a selection of smaller pets.


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Lots of families opt for pet rodents such as hamsters, gerbils, mice and even rats, all of which can be safely kept caged within the family home – speak to your local pet store for advice on these animals’ feeding, care and habitat needs.

Other popular pets for children include fish – new keepers may wish to stick to cold water varieties as these are the easiest to care for, and children who enjoy keeping fish can progress to more tropical examples as their skill and confidence grow.

Outdoor pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs are a great compromise for parents who are not quite ready to have a pet around the house, owners need to ensure that these animals have suitable housing for the local weather conditions, as well as a safe place to get out and exercise. Parents who choose outdoor animals as a family pet should remember to keep an eye to ensure that children are feeding, watering and cleaning out their pet’s accommodation as required.

A lamb as a humble family pet

Just like other pets, lambs are also lovely, very gentle and innocent in their behaviour. These always feel very nice to human contact and are increasingly becoming good companions as pets. They come in a variety of breeds and forms, but the best as pets are the miniature lambs which are specially and typically bred as pets. However, the choice as a pet goes with one’s preference and circumstance.

When very small, they are often fed with bottle-milk. This is the gesture which strengthens the bond between the pet and the owner. Owing to affectionate feeding, the pet starts taking the owner or the feeder its mother and does all kinds of fondling with him or her. A child under twelve months is called a lamb whereas a young female is a ewe and a normal male is called a ram. Having sharp horns, a ram is normally aggressive in its behaviour, but when neutered, now called a wether, becomes peaceful.

Lambs are very noble social animals who always like to create bonding with other pets and humans as well. They often prove very comical and playful especially with children and other pet friends like kittens and puppies. Being social animals, lambs are better to be kept at least two or a small flock of 4—5. Ongoing care should be given proper attention.

Safe and sound shelter, protection from the predators, balanced and fresh nutrition, vaccination against fatal diseases are the natural requirements of the young lambs. The trimming of hooves and the shearing or de-shedding of the wool sheep must be done with some professional tool like the one from Sleek EZ or some other competent company.

Ready to get a pet?

Whichever animal you would like to bring into your home, it is important that the whole family is prepared for the commitment you are making. Educate yourselves on your chosen animal, check details such as vaccination and grooming requirements, purchase the necessary equipment and your family will be all ready to enjoy the joy of pets ownership.

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