Top 5 Photo Editors for PC

A good photo editor for PC enables you to perform photo retouching, image manipulation, background removal, photo restoration, shadow creation, colour correction, and a lot more. There are thousands of photo editing software out there each with its collection of tools and functions. So, the question is, how do we know which is the best program?

Photo Editor for PC

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I have put together a list of the top 5 photo editor for PC, so you can rest assured you are using the best software to create beautiful photos.

1. Skylum Luminar

Skylum Luminar is another photo editing software for PCs, which has become quite popular due to various reasons. It has a simple, one-time fee with no hidden costs. Usually, professional photo editing tools require users to pay a monthly subscription fee.

Skylum Luminar is also super easy to download and set up, and the user interface is friendly. Moreover, the software is easy to use for professionals and beginners alike.

The photo editing tool offers a bunch of neat features such as exclusive filters. These filters range from Sunrays to Orton. The Sunrays is one of Skylum Luminar’s top filters, which adds a unique, realistic sunray effect to your photos. Besides, you can easily carry out functions like layer adjustment and apply dedicated presets for drone photos.

2. Movavi Photo Editor

The Movavi Photo Editor is a highly intelligent photo editor software for Windows and MAC that lets you carry out beautiful edits. The free photo editor version allows you to enjoy a wide range of tools.

Download the 64-bit Movavi Photo Editor and crop photos, straighten the horizon, flip and rotate images, and insert different images and stickers. Unlike many other photo editors out there, it does not add a watermark to your photos.

Additionally, you do not have to worry about any trial limitations. If you want to purchase the full version of the photo editor, you can do that at any time. This even permits you to try out the full version for free and find out if it’s suitable for you.

The full version offers a multitude of features on top of the standard attributes found in the free editor. The additional features include applying effects and enhancing images, removing unwanted objects from photos, reducing digital noise, adding text, changing or eliminating image background, restoring old photos, retouching portraits, and more.

If you are into advanced photo editing and you are looking for a top-notch software program, the editor has everything you would need. The photo editor allows you to create and save images in high quality and guarantees quick, hassle-free editing. This fantastic photo editing tool is equally useful for both professionals and beginners.

The software is also easy to download and works seamlessly on both Windows and Mac. Therefore, if you are searching for a very user-friendly photo editor that presents a whole list of neat features, this is a perfect choice!

3. Gimp

GIMP is an innovative photo editing tool that is simple to download and install. This software has a variety of features that would help you fix photo composition, retouch, and enhance photos. GIMP also offers file management facility; you can view, manage your photos, and edit them.

GIMP supports image formats of nearly all types, and it works well on Mac, Windows, and Linux. If you are searching for a suitable photo editing program for beginners, I highly recommend this.

GIMP also offers file optimization features along with cloning/ touch-up tools and multiple plugin support.

4. Fotor

Fotor is another best photo editor for PC you can use this year, offering top-grade editing tools that are not usually common in web-based software programs. Besides essential editing tools such as cropping, transformation, filtering, colour correction, etc., there is a one-click photo enhancement feature. This option lets you instantly apply filters and enhance your photos so well that you do not need to perform any other edits.

There are thirteen various choices that you can tap once, and you will end up with a masterpiece. The user interface is also very simple and straightforward to understand and navigate through. Overall, Fotor has a great, intuitive feel and lets you carry out your photo editing needs efficiently.

5. Photoscape X

Photoscape X software program has a neat user interface and loads of resourceful editing tools. What’s best about this photo editor is that it has a convenient photo viewer that you can use to browse through your photo albums easily. The editor provides you with over a thousand effects and filters, innovative frames, brushes and tools, and various cropping and transformation options. You can also create collages, batch edit photos, and design GIFs.
Overall, the Photoscape X is a handy photo editor for PC boasting some great tools even in its free version.

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