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How to Write Your First PHP Program?

PHP works out to be a server-side scripting language. For dynamic websites or even for web applications they are normally used. The PHP program is referred to as hypertext preprocessor once, upon a time stood for personal home pages. For clients assessing a PHP script, they need a web browser only. There would be a PHP file that assesses the PHP scripts provided by the extension.PHP.

The definition of a scripting language

Basically, a scripting language means a given set of instructions that is interpreted during runtime. The scripts incorporated in various software environments. The objective of a script is to undertake routine tasks or to enhance performance for an application. On the server, the server-side scripts interpret whereas on the client’s side it’s interpreted on the client application.

PHP rates to be a server-side script and an example of a client-side script are Java language that is interpreted from the client browser. It is possible for JavaScript and PHP to be incorporated on to the HTML pages.

The difference between a programming and a scripting language

In a programming language, you need all the features that are needed to be part of a complete application. Before execution, the code has to have complied and there is no need to embed it on to the other languages.

The scripting language is normally undertaken for routine tasks and without compiling the code is usually executed. On to various software environments you go on to embed it. Because of the given set of reasons PHP assessment test is very important as part of the recruitment protocol.

More about PHP

PHP as the name stands means Personal home page and the code of PHP may be embedded on to HTML code, web framework or web content management services.

  • In a PHP file there could be various tags in the form of HTML and from the clients end JavaScript
  • HTML works out to be a major benefit when you are learning a PHP language. Even PHP can be learned without knowing the basics of PHP, but a general suggestion is that you are aware of the basics associated with PHP program.
  • DBMS for power-packed applications

When it is the case of advanced interactive applications or even web services you are going to need XML and JavaScript.

The reasons to use PHP

A lot of you would have gone on to hear about a lot of programming languages. But the thought might strike you why is the main reason for you to use PHP as a programming language. Let us explore the list of compelling reasons

  • PHP is free and an open-source language
  • The community document is large
  • The learning curve is short when you compare it to the other programming languages in the form of ASP
  • Most of the web hosting servers go on to support PHP by default in comparison to other languages like ASP that calls for ILS. In addition, PHP works out to be a cost-effective option
  • In order to keep up with the latest technological trends, the PHP program is regularly updated
  • One of the other benefits that you can avail from PHP is client-side scripting side language. This would only mean that you need to install PHP on your server and the computer resources of the client would request for access. There is no need to install a PHP as only a web browser would be more than enough
  • With MY SQL PHP has a tin built form of support developed? In no way, this would mean that you are not in a position to use PHP with the various other database management systems. Even with Oracle, it is possible to use PHP.
  • The last PHP seems to be cross-platform pointing to the fact that you can deploy your application on a variety of platforms in the form of Linux or Windows

Difference between Python and PHP Program

On comparison with any other language, Python is easy to code, debug and write. In a way, the source code would be fairly easy to maintain. Being a portable language it can run on a variety of platforms and operating systems. There are inbuilt libraries that make the development task a lot easier. With the use of this language, you can go on to make the task of complex programming a lot easier. These deals with garbage collection and memory addresses. As an interactive shell is provided it does provide you with an opportunity to test out things before the actual implementation is expected to take place. The database interfaces are provided that is applicable in case of major DBMS system. There is a framework for the web as it goes on to support GUI applications.

Though this language was first conceived in the year 1980, the real implementation did go on to take place in the year 1989. From the ABC programming language, this did go on to formulate as it’s considered to be a general program purposing language. Of late, this language is being maintained by a core development team though the owner has an important role to play as far as the progress of this language is considered. The best part about this programming language is that it is easy to lean and even maintain. On various platforms, it can run relying on the same interface that is an added benefit.


To sum it from our discussion till now about the PHP program, quite a number of interesting facts emerge. Firstly PHP stands for hypertext preprocessor. Secondly once again it is a server-side scripting language which points to the fact that it is executed at the end of a server. For the client applications, there is no need for a PHP to be installed. All the PHP files saved with the.PHP extension and the PHP development tool is a feature of these tags. Finally, it is a cross-platform and open-source language. To sum it up the benefits of PHP are immense.

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