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10 Best Places to Visit in Barcelona

Barcelona remains an all-time favorite city among visitors and tourists from all across the world. And It is a must to explore the city for all those travelers visiting Spain. After all, the stunning city has loads to offer and boasts of the unique architecture in the world. In addition to this, There are also endless numbers of parks museums and churches here. In short, there are many places to visit in Barcelona.

However, It sure can be an overwhelming task to cover the whole city. And there is every possibility that you might miss out on some of those major attractions. Why not arrange for a private tour of Barcelona with the experts like Withlocals? Moreover, With an expert guide by your side, you can also make the most of your time in the fascinating city. And can also be sure that you have covered all the major attractions and sites of this fascinating city.

Places to Visit in Barcelona
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Here are a couple of the best places to visit in Barcelona

1. La Rambla

First, Explore the most famous street in Barcelona that lies in the most central square of the city. Go through the leafy boulevard and vibrant promenade that connects the harbor with Plaça Catalunya. Most tourists identify with the city with this famous landmark that cuts through the heart of the city.

La Rambla
Image by Pixabay

2. La Sagrada Familia

It is also a must to visit this masterpiece from the famous architect Antonio Gaudi. Sagrada Familia indeed looks stunningly beautiful from every angle. Enjoy the highlights of the church with a local expert like Withlocals. The unfinished cathedral is indeed one of the most exceptional buildings in the world too.

Sagrada Familia
Image by Pixabay

3. Barcelona Cathedral

Barcelona Cathedral is a lot older than the more famous Sagrada Família. Also Titled as The Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia”, the Cathedral that dates back to the 13th century is rooted deep in rich history. It is one of the most impressive sites to see in Barcelona too. And this scared and dedicated point makes a place in the list of places to visit in Barcelona.

Barcelona Cathedral
Image by Pixabay

4. Montserrat

Another landmark that should be also on every traveler’s sightseeing itinerary in Barcelona is the natural attraction of Montserrat. The spectacularly beautiful spot is indeed one that is definitely worth visiting and holds significant religious.

Image by Pixabay

5. La Boqueria Market

La Boqueria Market is one of the most historic markets in Europe. It is a must to explore the markets and especially if you love local markets. If you love local fresh produce and delicacies and are looking for authentic tapas bars, you must visit La Boqueria Market!

La Boqueria Market
Image by Pixabay

6. Park Güell

Park Güell is a famous public park in Barcelona that boasts of vivid colors and amazing views. Explore the park and enjoy amazing views of the city. And also enjoy the luscious landscape. It is a must to visit the beautiful and unique park in Barcelona.

Park guell
Image by Pixabay

7. La Vila de Gracia

Moreover, Get off the beaten path and explore La Vila de Gracia, that lies on the outskirts of Barcelona. It is also a lesser-known area that still carries a unique charm and small-town vibes. Locals and tourist come here to enjoy the authentic foodie scene along with the best boutique shopping experience.

La Vila de Gracia
Image by Flickr

8. Barceloneta Beach

A popular weekend hotspot is Barceloneta Beach, and here you will find beach lovers, skateboarders, and joggers. However, This is the nearest beach to the city. And this is your chance to explore the unforgettable Barcelona coastline.

Barceloneta Beach
Image by Pixabay

9. Casa Milà

Casa Milà is a unique building that was designed by Gaudi. It is an excellent example of modernist architecture as well as Gaudi’s work. Moreover, It is a must for the Gaudi’s fans and architecture lovers to visit Casa Milà, which is also known as La Pedrera.

Casa Mila
Image by Pixabay

10. Plaça del Rei

The most important historical square, Plaça del Rei is definitely one of the must-see places to visit in Barcelona! It is here where Christopher Columbus first presented his findings from the new world to the Catholic king and queen.

Placa del Rei
Image by Pixabay


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