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Planting Flowers in Pots and Caring for Them

Growing flowers at home is a unique hobby that many people like to do. They receive their reward of planting flowers in pots by getting beautiful flowers with healthy leaves and sturdy trunks. Florists grow flowers from seedlings – less often, from an adult plant. For seedlings, you can use elongated models of pots, made of clay, metal, plastic or zinc. The modern market of flower pots offers a wide range of exclusive models from different materials and various sizes. Zinc planter boxes can be called the most versatile because they are an excellent choice for planting several types of plants in one pot.

planting flowers in pots
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Pottery composition and planting flowers in pots:

Magnificent plants with flowers can be planted not only in the open ground but also in pottery compositions; where they are not inferior in decorativeness to the flowerbed brethren. Such pottery compositions with traditional flower beds have many advantages: they are mobile, opens various possibilities of combining, it is easy to care for and to allow an introduction to unusual compositions in the garden with the help of pottery accessories. By planting flowers in pots and growing each flower in separate flower pots and planters, you can change the compositions to get the most decorative ensembles after flowering of individual species, rearrange them depending on the changing lighting, and put the summer flowers in the empty pot. Planting flowers in pots should be thought out properly.

These are some very useful simple tips to care for planting flowers in pots:


plant in your room
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Plants do not like direct sources of heat or drafts; relocate the pot into the neutral zone. Some plants, like from the tropical climate zone, can get seriously harmed and even die. Many plants like a moderate level of humidity, and they like the temperature, which is 3-4 degrees below the usual room temperature. There are identified plant species, for example, succulents, which like a cooler temperature (about 10 degrees); so many growers put them in the corridor or on the glassed balcony. Research thoroughly, before planting flowers in pots at home.


watering plants
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There are varying features of watering plants. Many of them love moist soil, while others prefer more dry soil. Any plant needs water – it is necessary to take into account the plant’s preferences and its peculiarities of growth in natural conditions. It’s simple: there is a difference between an orchid and a cactus. Some like moisture and humidity while others are used to dry air. Many growers planting flowers in pots buy pots with automatic irrigation, but not all plants like to have a wet root system all the time.

Placement of Plants

plants can be planted on a window
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Here we are talking about the place of installation of the pot. The air should be warm, without direct sunlight and further away from the battery. In summer, plants can be planted on a window, and in winter it is better to remove them from there. Remember that plants are living organisms, they are able to adapt, but they have their own needs. Everything is important for them – the environment, watering, size of the pot, the heat and your attitude to it.

Transplant into a New Pot

plant transplant into a new pot
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This is important, but you do not need to do this very often, because transplantation is a stressful process for the plant. Choose a pot for the future, having studied the features of root system growth. A transplant is done when the plant is sick, or perhaps it does not like the ground, or there are few nutrients in the soil.

Do not forget that each plant has its own preferences and characteristics. If you decide planting flowers in pots at your home then find out what your new pet loves. Add plant bait, it needs nutrients, which he can get from the soil in natural conditions. Provide it with a necessary pot, with a drainage hole and the required size. If you do everything right, then your plants will be beautiful, healthy and strong, they will add to your home a cozy atmosphere of warmth and comfort.

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