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Portugal Destinations: Earthly paradise for the couples

Portugal destinations enjoy blistering Mediterranean weather in the summer and temperate climates in the autumn months, which makes it an ideal holiday location either during or after peak season. Whether you’re planning a holiday for the surfing season or for a walk among its baroque architecture, then there are a few sights that are not to be missed this year!

The Best Visiting Portugal Destinations for the Couples

1. Braga’s magnificent steps

This is actually the third-largest city in Portugal and one of the top ranking Portugal destinations for the couples. So, if you’re looking for a cosmopolitan lifestyle without the hoards, then this is a great place to start. It has a vibrant nightlife, has fantastic restaurants and is also a university city.

bom jesus do monte

Image by François Philipp

In this city, you will find the Bom Jesus do Monte, which has an infamous set of baroque steps. These were meant to depict the journey to heaven, and are within walking distance from the city. The view from the bottom and the top of these steps are a picture opportunity not to be missed – you might want to brace yourself for the steep walk, mind. Portugal Holidays that involve a steep walk can be tiring, so finding a villa that’s within walking (or taxi) distance of your activities might be ideal.

2. Mosteiro dos Jeronimos

mosteiro dos jeronimos

Image by pixabay

TheMosteiro dos Jeronimos is one of the most popular and infamous buildings in Portugal. Based in Lisbon, this church and monastery were built in the Manueline style which was popular at the time. It is lavishly decorated inside, and the South Portal is a sight to behold. You could round off this trip with a walk through the cloisters, where you will find the tomb of Vasco de Gama. They also occasionally host events, which are worth keeping your eyes peeled for.

3. Matosinhos Beach

This beach is located north of Porto,  furnished with picture-perfect sand and a promenade to stroll along. You’ll find beach-dwellers playing football, volleyball and people paddling out in the surf – and surf it certainly is! In the right weather, you can even take your board out to ride the waves of this wonder-piece of Portugal destinations. It isn’t just a tourist trap either – locals love this beach in the summer just like the tourists.

4. Torre de Belem

torre de belem

Image by pixabay

This tower in Lisbon was built in 1521 for fortification purposes:to guard against an invasion via the River Tagus. Its facade is another photo-opportunity, as are the stone carvings which can be found along this impressive fortress. If that wasn’t enough, it’s also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. All this makes him one of the most attractive Portugal destinations. It remains closed for a limited period in March, so if you’re planning a springtime visit, it’s worth checking which days it will be open to the public.

5.  Madeira

This would be the best gift of nature if you wake up one sunny morning in Madeira with your life partner. This is one of the  very trendiest Portugal destinations, actually a subtropical island system with a bright sunny weather. Your dreams will come true as soon as you step onto the sands of the seasides here.Besides offering you an opportunity for the best hiking adventures, this fabulous destination also presents you one of the best New Year’s Eve parties in the world.

If you are unable to attend the New Year’s Eve party, never take the tension. there is a lot more for you here. Visiting the main island as well as the smaller adjacent islands will refresh you with the crispy beach enthusiasts. Porto Sarto is the place where you will find one of the most beautiful stretches of sand in Portugal. Moreover, what will appeal you and your partner most is the house that once belonged to Christopher Columbus. Again, Cristiano Ronaldo Museum, called Museu CR7 and Madeira Wine Museum are other fascinating landmarks found in Madeira.

As well as its obvious beach opportunities, Portugal is full of cultural sites to go and visit. Spending a day inside the cool walls of a cathedral might be preferable to spending another day soaking up the heat. If it’s cafe culture you’re after as well as sunshine, then you won’t be disappointed. The coffees are short and intense, but you’ll understand that once you’ve spent an afternoon in the Portuguese heat.

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