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Simple Ways to Quickly Transform Your Home

Looking to transform your house? It is easy to become bored of the home when it has looked the same for a long period of time, but you do not always have to spend a for-tune and dedicate an enormous amount of time to making big changes. There are a few simple changes that are quick and easy to make which will breathe new life into the space and add visual appeal.

quickly transform your home
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Paint the Walls

Perhaps the most obvious change to make is to paint the walls. The walls take up a huge amount of space throughout the home which means that their colour or pattern will dictate the tone in any space. Changing the colour whether it is something com-pletely different or even a slightly different shade can make a huge difference to how a room both looks and feels, plus this is also a quick, easy and affordable change to make.

Place a Rug

Similarly, the floor takes up a huge amount of space yet it is an area often overlooked by homeowners. You can easily liven up a room by putting down a rug and there are endless styles, patterns and colours to choose from.

Different Lighting

Interior designers utilise lighting to create mood and atmosphere in a room and it is one of the easiest but most effective changes that can be made. Switching overhead lighting to pendant lights and lamps can transform a space and help you to change the atmosphere in a room by accentuating certain areas and leaving others in the dark. Additionally, small changes like candles or fairy lights can be used as decor and to set the mood.

New Curtains

Curtains are much more than a means to shut out the outside world. Changing your Curtains will help to change the feel of the room particularly if you are changing from blinds to curtains or vice-versa. Places like Swift Direct Blinds have a wide range of curtain styles to choose from so you should easily be able to find some which will breathe new life into the room. Additionally, you may find that you are able to close off the outside world more effectively which can help with privacy and sleep.

Plant Life

Adding plant life can be a great way to inject life and colour into a room, plus there are proven mental health benefits to having plants indoors whether this is flowers, cac-ti, herbs, bonsai trees or any other type.

You do not always have to spend a huge amount of money and spend long periods of time decorating to transform your home. These are just a few quick, easy and afforda-ble changes that you can make which could have a huge impact on how a room both looks and feels.

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