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Is Red Wine Actually Good for You?

Red wine has for long been one of the most consumed and luxurious of drinks. There’s a reason why an online wine store in China, the USA or Australia can be so successful in their wine sales, and perhaps that’s because of the many different health benefits red wine provides.

It is important to emphasise that as long as red wine is only drunk moderately, then it can develop healthy habits within your body.

Moderate consumption can be described as a maximum of 14 units of drinking a week, with 1 unit being 125 ml of 9% alcohol drinks.

For anyone who is drinking more than the maximum outlined, then at the very least, it will have significantly less health benefits and if not negative health benefits on your body. This kind of excessive drinking can even lead to an extremely dangerous alcoholic addiction.

Red Wine
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Red wine aids the brain and memorisation

Studies have found that a moderate consumption of red wine can help in reducing the risk of developing dementia, especially in the elderly.

For example, a study conducted across 14 different countries in 1977 by the Loyal University Medical centre researched and analysed what kinds of effects red wine might have on regular or moderate red wine consumers.

What they discovered was that the resveratrol which is pertinent in the grapes used to produce red wine was capable of reducing the amount of stickiness within the blood platelets.

In the long run this maintains a strong flow of blood to the brain by keeping open and flexible blood vessels which might have impact on your varicose veins. For those who are moderately consuming red wine, there will be an overall lower risk of dementia.

Red wine is great at relieving stress

As long as it is drunk in moderation, a glass of red wine has been recognised to be an effective stress reducer.

The alcohol within red wine is capable of calming the nervous by naturally sedating the body, or in other words, it helps to keep you relaxed and let you sleep easier.

Red wine is great at relieving stress
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It is advised to drink red wine during dinner, as drinking right before bed can actually interfere with your sleep patterns. A healthy habit of red wine can lead to a stress reduced lifestyle which also in turn can lead to a more well-rounded life.

Those who purchased red wine from online stores in China, the USA, Australia, and many more countries and drink moderately will notice their stress levels are much lower.

Red wine can halt your appetite

After conducting research at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, researchers believe that consuming red wine during dinner aids in maintaining a healthy appetite.

Red wine can halt your appetite
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What they noted was those who drank wine ate less food afterwards because they were more content with their appetite after meeting their energy needs rather than overconsuming.

It also slows the stomach’s emptying time, meaning that in this way it can also potentially decrease the amount of food people consume at meals.

How red wine can prevent diabetes

What researchers have found is that consuming moderate levels of red wine does not have an impactful effect on the body’s blood sugar levels.

Rather, according to the American Diabetes Association, moderate consumption of red wine may in fact decrease the chance of developing Type 2 diabetes.

This was because the resveratrol within red wine and the skin of its grapes can improve the sensitivity to insulin which is also a crucial component of combating diabetes itself.

Can it be harmful to drink red wine?

It is important to highlight the potential negative effects excessive wine drinking can have on our body.

Can it be harmful to drink red wine
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If drinking more than the standard amount of red Wine Shanghai, studies have found for red wine, if not all alcoholic drinks that there is a substantial increase in the risk of heart disease, the level of blood pressure within the body, atrial fibrillation, strokes in the body, and even cancer developing within the body.

The department of cancer within the World Health Organisation found excessive red wine drinking to be carcinogenic, a cause of cancer.

However, as long as you drink moderately and within the standard recommended amount, you’ll see that there are significant health benefits from red wine. There is no reason not to buy and enjoy red wine from an online wine store in China, the USA, or Australia.

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