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Top 5 Tips for RV Road Trip Preparation

Tips for RV Road Trip Preparation

Recreational vehicles (RVs) are widely used all across the US. Many use them as a mobile home, while others utilize them for what they were made to do; take them across long-distance road trips and explore the world in the most wonderful way. RVs are one of the more affordable means of traveling and vacationing. RV vacations are good to strengthen friendship bonds and family relationships.

Tips for RV Road Trip Preparation
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So, are you planning a road trip in your RV too? Do you want to make traveling as much fun as the destination itself? Following are 5 essential tips for RV road trip preparation you should consider.

Determine Your Budget and Prepare the RV

See how much you can afford to spend on your vacation. It would help you in preparing and booking campgrounds accordingly. Make sure the RV is properly serviced. Have it cleaned and replace the fluids, filters and belts. Inspect the hoses, tire’s health and pressure. Make sure to test the lights and add lubricants. Fill the fresh water tank appropriately, add chemicals to gray and black water tanks and fill black water tank up to the quarter mark.

Plan Your Routes and Schedules

Plan your journey carefully to avoid any inconveniences. Discover the best route offering maximum opportunities to travel around interesting sights in the available time span. Decide places you plan to stop at, and stay along the way. Surf the web and travel guides to find the most suitable campgrounds for reservations. Plan ahead, how long you want to stay at a particular place, how long it will take to reach from one destination to the other and the total available time you have on hand.

Remember to leave some extra time for fun stops and unpredicted breakdowns.

Determine the Electrical Load

Modern day recreational vehicles are equipped with appliances and electronics that make traveling a comfortable and convenient experience. These appliances require electricity and often your vehicle is not able to provide all of it on its own. You should see how much power do these electronics and gadgets consume and should install the best RV generator according to your needs. Make sure you get the RV generator, which provides ample power and also keep track of individual power consumption of the appliances, to avoid generator overload. Marking appliances with the number of amps they draw is helpful in this regard.

Pack Intelligently

It is better to pack in stages. Pack things according to their importance and nature. You should pack all the essential non-perishable items earlier. Be sure to carry a medium sized basic toolkit, so you could fix what needs to be tightened and adjusted along the way. Later, ensure your refrigerator is running properly and can store perishable food items and kitchen supplies. You can plan ahead your meals, so you know the ingredients you will need along the way. Be sure to pack all the necessary cutlery, utensils and containers. When traveling, it is vital to be ready for anything. Pack basic toiletries and medicines in case anyone gets sick. Keep bug sprays and ointments. Make sure to pack maps, Swiss army knife and flashlights if you plan to hike. Do not forget sleeping bags and complete camping kits. Pack card and board games and entertainment devices to keep both children and adults amused on the road. Be sure to keep everything organized and secured in its place, so things do not fall or tip over creating a mess, in case your RV hits a bump in the road.

Check Road and Weather Conditions

Before you leave for the road trip, check the weather conditions of your destinations and the way you will take to get there. Alter your routes if driving conditions are bad. If it seems that you will encounter rain on your way, be sure to pack rain shoes and coats.

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