The Best Way to Set Up Your Shop Shelving to Drive Sales

Store shelving and fixtures can make or break your business, quite literally. If you’ve ever walked into a poorly designed store that is more stressful than enjoyable, you know exactly what this is like. Some people will turn around and walk right back out of a store that doesn’t have a good layout or that doesn’t use their shelving well. Others may tolerate the space, but might not stay long or buy as much because they can’t access merchandise easily.

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If you want to guarantee better sales and give your shop a better flow, you need to make sure that your shop shelving is on point. It needs to have a lot of different elements involved, but the biggest factor is the flow that it creates (or should create) within your space. “Flow” is a term that is very important in the retail environment. All of the best stores have a clearly defined path, from the point of entry around the store and then to the cash wrap and back out the door. This is the standard operating procedure. If you don’t already have a solid flow in place for your traffic, create that first, and then you will be able to fit your shop fixtures and shelving around that space.

Another way to boost sales with shelving and displays is to make sure that things are angled correctly and in the best light possible. People need to see your merchandise and it’s even better if it catches their eye from across the room. Look for dark corners, shadows, and other items that could impact the way your shelving and merchandise look to customers and eliminate them wherever you can.

Make things easy to get to. Keep pricing information clear, organise items by size, and ensure that your store is accessible and easy to shop. People should be able to walk through and experience all of your merchandise from start to finish, with little effort involved on their part. Put the smaller “impulse”, or less expensive items, near the cash register, customer line, and in other points throughout the store where they will get attention. This is a great way to drive add-on sales and get more units per transaction.

Perhaps the best tip for increasing sales with shop shelving and displays is to keep things within reach. High shelves are fine for displays or additional inventory, but customers should not have to “ask for assistance” to reach items while they are shopping. Consider asking friends and family for advice in setting up your shop, or even taking advice from your employees. Anyone will tell you what a shopper would want. That’s really what it’s all about, after all—giving the customer what they want.

Shop shelving, including fixtures, racks, and non-traditional shelves and displays, are constantly changing and evolving. That makes it easy to keep your store fresh and use the best tools to get your merchandise noticed and increase your day-to-day sales for the long run.

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