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Runescape 3 – Smoke Nihils Money-Making Guide

In Runescape, there are many creatures to kill for a profit. One of the best of these with relatively low requirements compared to how lucrative they are is Smoke Nihils.

The method in this guide will require startup gear and supplies to be able to engage with, as well as some relatively higher levels for best results. Consider buying Runescape 3 Gol​  d from Divica Sales for that jump-start in your gameplay.

Smoke Nihil Requirements

To access this method, there are the following minimum requirements:

  • Level 87 Summoning
    For the Smoke Nihil Pouches
  • Level 76 Slayer
    This is the Slayer level required to be able to damage the Smoke Nihil creatures.
  • Fate of the Gods (Quest)
    This quest will need to be completed to access the dungeon in which the Smoke
    Nihils reside.
  • Shard of Zaros
    The Shard of Zaros will ensure that the Nihils aren’t all aggressive towards you.
    Having the entire room of Nihil’s aggression is sure to result in imminent death for
    most players.

There are also some recommended levels and items to have to increase the proficiency of this method:

  • Level 96 Herblore
    For the use of Overload Potions, drastically increasing your effectiveness when killing
    the Smoke Nihil creatures. The Smoke Nihils drain your combat stats with their
    unique effect. Being always overloaded will negate this and reduce the need for
    using restore potions regularly.
  • Level 80 Ranged
    At least 80 Ranged is recommended purely for damage dealt and attack speed. Any
    lower than this, you may struggle to defeat this creature at any rate beneficial for
    profit compared to lower-level creatures available.
  • 81 DivinationAlthough not a requirement, level 81 Divination allows you to transmute other
    ingredients from your drops that you don’t need for this method into some useable for
    creating Smoke Nihils. There are additional Nihil Pouches that can be made, but
    Smoke is usually the highest profit margin.
  • Level 96 Summoning
    At level 96 Summoning, you can utilize Pack Yak familiars during the combat in this
    method. Using the Winter Storage scrolls, teleporting items to the bank will add great
    convenience to this method and result in less need for manual banking.

The Smoke Nihils Method

Nihil’s are located within the World Gate, in Freneskae at The Pit. Don’t forget your Shard of Zaros! When attacking the Nihils, you want to focus on targeting Smoke Nihils, as these have the lowest impacting special effect and, therefore, more convenient to kill.

The main drops you’re looking to collect are Aviansie Talons and, of course, Elder Charms. A Charming Imp will pick these up for you. Crushed Birds Nest is a pretty standard drop, resulting in a large amount of profit and the other Nihil’s tertiary drops that can be banked utilizing a Yak familiar with scrolls.

Once you’ve collected a fair amount of ingredients to make the Nihil Pouches, go ahead and take them to the Obelisk to create them. Each of the Nihil Pouches is around 170K each at the time of writing this guide, resulting in 5-6M per hour being an achievable overall profit expectancy.

Good Luck!

Enjoy the profits as you make the pouches. Although this method has some reasonably high requirements, it definitely pays off. This is a very consistent money-making method, with the Nihil Pouches usually keeping a steady value in the Grand Exchange.

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