Taking Back Control of Your Finances with Cryptocurrency

There is a classic rock song called “Feel Like A Number” by Bob Seger in which he talks about feeling like an insignificant part of a society controlled by huge institutions. Even though that song is about forty years or so old, it still feels as relevant as ever, maybe even more so today. The institutions in question have only grown, and nowhere is that truer than in the world of finance. Banks and credit card companies are monoliths that control practically every part of the personal finances of their customers. Yet more and more of these customers are looking to take control once again for themselves, and cryptocurrency is affording them a way to do that.

Taking Back Control of Your Finances with Cryptocurrency
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Many people have begun to institute cryptocurrency, which is a form of currency that exists only in the digital sphere and has no physical properties like paper money or coins because it requires no assistance from banks or other companies for a transaction to be made. Other has been investing in it, and if you’d like to do so but don’t quite understand how it all works, some artificial intelligence via a trading program like Ethereum Code could be just the thing for you. If you are frustrated by the way you are in thrall to the banks and credit card companies for everything you do, here are some of the methods by which cryptocurrency can help alleviate that problem.

No Interference

The basic benefit of cryptocurrency is that you can make a financial transaction with someone anywhere in the world and don’t have to worry about it being processed or overseen by a third party. This can help because you will be free of fees, tariffs, foreign exchange concerns, and anything else that might confuse the situation. You will also see these transactions take place much faster, and you also can rest assured that it is all trackable because a digital ledger is kept of it, so that any audits can be easily done should they need to be.

Identity Protection

If you are a person concerned with how privacy is diminishing in the modern age, cryptocurrency is that rare technology that helps protect it. When you buy something with crypto coins, you don’t have to give your name or any personal information. What’s even more impressive is that you don’t need to release any more money for a transaction that is needed. You might think that is the case with credit and debit cards, but you are actually giving out all of the financial information on those cards even if only making a minor purchase.

The Return of Autonomy

When you are using cryptocurrency, you are essentially taking part of your life back from the larger companies and institutions that want to control it. That’s not to say that banks and the like aren’t useful in some ways or that you should immediately withdraw all your accounts. But crypto can compliment all of that nicely.

Looking to bring back yourself and no longer feel like a number? It’s ironic, but cryptocurrency, a technology based on numbers, is just the thing for you.

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