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Choosing the Right Loading Technology for Your Business

Having the right loading technology for your business can help you to create a more efficient work environment with more streamlined processes, so you can maximise productivity and get through your daily workloads with greater ease. With all the different loading technology available, it can be difficult to identify which are best for your business, that’s why we’ve brought together some of the most effective modern solutions in this blog, along with what they do and how you can utilise them to your business’ advantage.

Dock Leveller

Trucks and trailers don’t just come in one standardised fit – they’re built in a huge range of different shapes and sizes, so it can be difficult to load and unload trailers and containers easily without the right technology and equipment. Dock levellers help to bridge the awkward height gaps between a trailer and your loading platform so that you have a flat pathway to load and unload of off – this isn’t just faster, it’s far safer too! Hörmann loading technology provides you with a sturdy base from which to load, giving you enhanced stability even when the weight is unevenly distributed – there’s also emergency-stop valves in the lifting cylinders to keep your staff and stock safe in the event that a lorry sets off whilst a load is still on the platform.

Dock Shelters and Seals

Keeping your goods protected during the loading and unloading process is another incredibly important factor. If they’re damaged, you’ll lose money by replacing it or running the risk of delivering a damaged order, which can be detrimental to business. Dock shelters help you to cover your goods as they’re moved onto trailers and into warehouses, whilst also helping to maintain a constant heat level to prevent temperature-sensitive goods from spoiling. When combined with a dock leveller, these shelters will act as an alternative to canopies, providing you with a cheaper, more reliable loading setup.

Loading Houses

Loading houses protrude outwards from your main building and allow you to fully utilise your entire inner warehouse space, from wall to wall. If you can’t physically utilise interior ramps or tailboard slots, these loading houses are a fantastic choice as they provide the same service without the need for additional fixtures and foundations. You’ll have the perfect conditions to unload within and a simplified process for loading and unloading too, so you’ll not only be working in a safer, more suitable environment, it’s also a more efficient way to operate that’ll help you to get through trailers with greater effectiveness.

Loading houses give you more options when it comes to docking too, so you can find the best angle to work on the trailer from. The simple structure of these loading houses means that they can be used on their own or side-by-side in a larger scale operation. This gives your business a full network of bays from which to load and unload simultaneously without reducing your warehouse space inside.

With the right loading technology, you’ll have a focused, streamlined work environment that’s set up for success. Moreover, more effective processes and the proper tools will see your productivity rocket to new heights. Combining loading houses, dock levellers, and dock shelters to your advantage on your company premises helps you to ensure that you’ve got the right loading and unloading facilities for all conditions, come rain or shine!

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