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Test your Driving Skills

1 ‘You arrive at the scene of an accident involving a motorcycle, and the rider
is injured. When should the rider’s helmet be removed? (A) Always straight away (B) Only when essential
(C) Always, unless they are in shock
(D) Only when the motorcyclist asks

2 Your vehicle has a puncture on a motorway. What should you do?
(A) Drive slowly to the next service area to get assistance (B) Pull up on the hard shoulder and change the wheel as quick as possible (C) Pull up on the hard shoulder. J]se the emergency phone to get assistance

(D) Switch your hazard lights on and stop in your lane
3 What does this sign

WHITE CIRCLE, RED BOARDER with picutre of a motorcyclist in centre.

(A) Motorcycles only
(B) No motorcycles
(C) Motorcycles crossing
(D) Motorcycle parking

4 Your vehicle needs an MOT certificate. If you do not have one, what will you not be able to renew?
(A) Driving licence (B) Road tax
(C) Vehicle insurance (D) Air freshener

5 Your doctor has given you a course of medicine. Why should you ask how it will affect you?
(A) Drugs make you a better driver or rider by quickening your reactions
(B) You will have to let your insurance company know about the medicine
(C) The medicine you take may affect your hearing
(D) Some types of medicine can cause your reactions to slow down

6 In which FOUR places must you not park or wait?
(A) On a dual carriageway (B) On the slope of a hill
(C)’ In front of someone else’s
(D) At a bus stop
(E) Opposite a traffic island (F) On the brow of a hill

7 You park overnight on a road with a 40mph speed limit. You should:
(A) Park facing the traffic (B) Park with dipped headlights
(C) Park near a street light (D) Park with side lights on

8 If you saw this sign:

White Triangle with red boarder the words CATTLE GRID in middle, what does sign mean?

(A) Barbecue ahead
(B) Cattle crossing
(C) Grid across roadway (D) Cow network ahead

9 At roadworks, which THREE of the following can control traffic flow?
(A) A Stop-Go board (B) A police officer
(C) Temporary traffic lights (D) Flashing amber lights (E) Flashing red lights
10 When may you reverse from a side road or driveway into a main road?
(A) Only if both roads are clear of traffic
(B) At any time
(C) Not at any time
(D) Only if the main road is clear
How did you do? The questions are compiled in the format of the driving theory test. Would you pass today’s test?

ANSWERS:l B; 2 C; 3 B; 4 B; 5 D; 6 C, D, E and F; 7 D; 8 C; 9 A, Band C; 10 C .

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