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Fillings and Crowns: The Basic Dental Treatments

The thought of a dental checkup gives shivers to most of us; be it simply filling a cavity or getting a crown. To cater to this pressing need, Hallock Family Dental has initiated a measure to reduce the patients’ anxiety by simply explaining the basic dental treatment methods and procedures.

Let’s Explore Fillings and Crowns

Before getting into the detail of what exactly is a filling or a crown, let’s explore the causes behind the two procedures. The need for a filling arises when the structure of our teeth is lost primarily due to the damage caused by a combination of acids, food and bacteria. This happens when food gets stuck to your teeth and plagues your dental enamel and causes tooth decay. Thus requiring the need for a dental filling or crown for a more severe case.

A filling cures a tooth that has developed cavity by preventing the tooth structure from getting damaged completely. A filling prevents tooth to decay further and maintains dental hygiene.

If not treated properly and the cavity gets deeper, then a crown is applied on the tooth to fix its structure. Dental crowns are used to cover implants, restore a weak tooth, and are used for many other functions such as the cosmetic look of the teeth. However, the field of cosmetic dentistry is enhancing.

The Basic Dental Treatments
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Kinds of crowns and fillings

There are various types of fillings and crowns with different benefit catering to different dental problems.

Let’s explore each type based on its advantage.

  • Gold crowns are famous due to its long-lasting nature as they are designed to last for 20 years. However, a few patients can afford gold crowns owing to its expensive nature and also require multiple visits.
  • The porcelain filling is another option as it is similar in price to crowns but tooth removal is minimal. These fillings can be custom made according to the colour of your teeth and will not stain over time. Patients need separate appointments for this type of filling.
  • Silver amalgam fillings are lesser in price along with longer durability but they can only be used for the back teeth due to their dark colour.
  • Composite plastic resin fillings are also natural in their look but their durability is only 10 years and they stain over time.
  • Bruxir crowns are made of a solid piece of Zirconia. These crowns are durable, are made of natural colour and are made for people who clench their teeth often.

The most common type of crowns is Porcelain crowns fused to metal. These crowns have substructure made of metal with a protective layer of porcelain. They also match the natural teeth but the covering can damage due to excessive teeth clenching.

Usually, porcelain crowns are most pleasing for the eye as they are very similar to the natural tooth colour but are not durable. Additionally, other materials include stainless steel for crown making.

Why do we need these dental procedures?

In case of a cavity, a filling or a crown is required to fill up the opening that prevents further tooth decay. Although most small cavities are treated by a filling; but if the decay is too deep then a crown is required. When patients have weak tooth structure then a crown is advised by most dentists.

If cavities are not treated on time, they can worsen the dental health and lead to major complications. These issues include pain, tooth abscesses, accumulation of pus, broken teeth, chewing difficulty, and losing teeth at an early age.

In order to maintain adequate dental hygiene, you can follow the basic instructions:

How does a dentist treat these issues?

First of all, the dentist will remove the decay by using special tools. When the decay is clean, the area will be filled with the right filling material.

In case you require a crown placement, the dentist will first remove the remains of the previous filling to provide a strong base to the crown.

After a tooth is prepared for the crown, your current tooth structure will be reduced to make room for the new crown to get fixed. The dental lab takes the size or the impression of your current tooth. Since the lab takes some time to prepare a permanent crown thus a temporary crown (made of acrylic) is made to cover your tooth. Once made, the permanent crown is fixed.

Patients should visit the dentist even with a small issue such as toothache or tooth sensitivity as dental problems become worse if not treated on time. Other issues include teeth staining or pain while biting.

once you have been treated by the dentist, you still need a few days of bed rest before coming back to your previous routine. Here, you may need someone to support you in this regard and the best in this connection are PSW jobs.

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