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The Drag and Drop WordPress Plugins – The Easiest Way to Build a Website

Creating a website can be a complicated and time-consuming task for someone who doesn’t have experience or technical skills. Fortunately, the abundance of WordPress drag and drop plugins can make the job a lot easier. We give you several reasons to consider using drag and drop plugins to create your new website or blog. Here’s the easiest way to build a website using drag and drop plugins.

One of the best choices to build a website when you cannot code

First of all, what is a WordPress drag and drop plugin? Also known as a page builder, such a plugin can help you to add any content to a page by utilizing the ready-made drag and drop elements such as blocks, modules, and widgets. In other words, you don’t need any coding knowledge if you decide to build your website this way. You will be able to customize, move, and arrange these elements and design unique page layouts.

creating a website - The Easiest Way to Build a Website

If you have chosen WordPress, you will undoubtedly discover that your site’s design is based on your theme. Note that the majority of premium themes include various features for customization. However, these features can be too complex for beginners with no coding skills. Thus, the adoption of a drag and drop page builder is highly recommended, as it enables you to build custom layouts for your site.

In fact, these builders are not only for beginners, as they are often used by web developers to speed up the process of creating custom designs for their customers.

How to choose the right drag and drop page builder for your WordPress blog?

Since you can choose between paid and free builders, this can be a starting point for your decision. To make this decision easier for you, we will compare Elementor (paid) and SiteOrigin (free).

According to HowToHosting.Guide, one of the expert platforms offering WordPress tips and tutorials, Elementor is perhaps the most powerful builder of its kind. It allows you to control every aspect of the design process from one single place.

Furthermore, it is a live page customizer, meaning that you see everything you do while you do it. The builder also features a rich template library with multiple designs, and it’s compatible with other plugins and with the latest WordPress versions. Some of its most prominent features include motion effects, full photo customization, and a shape divider. The price of Elementor varies from $49 to $199 per year, depending on the number of sites you want to build.

SiteOrigin, on the other hand, is free. It offers you the opportunity to add third-party widgets to your layouts. Note that elements or modules are named widgets, which can be confusing, as WordPress also uses the term.

Build a new website

The plugin also features prebuilt page layouts, which can be quite helpful. The overall experience of building a page with this plugin can be a bit complicated and time-consuming. It may not be a good fit for you if you are looking to develop a more complex page.

Compared to paid plugins, the interface of SiteOrigin can feel a bit outdated. Nonetheless, the plugin is rather satisfactory and it has been around for quite some time.

In conclusion, these are just two of many drags and drop builders. Depending on your budget and your website’s complexity, you can either go with a paid builder for a more complicated site or choose a free plugin for a less complex one.

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