The Ten Best British Cars Ever Made

Some great cars have come out of Britain over the years that people who buy luxury used cars would die for. Here are ten of the best British cars ever made.

#1 Humber Hawk
The Humber Hawk was a well-loved car during the post-war period. It still looks good today; even though it first hit the streets all the way back in 1945.

#2 Lancaster 10
This Lancaster was a real thing of beauty but unfortunately its exorbitant price meant that it never really made it as a practical purchase for most people in the late nineteen forties. It was designed as a luxury family saloon, and it certainly was that.

#3 Rover P4

When this car first arrived on the scene in 1949 it was viewed as a really modern looking British Car; the Cyclops eye was just one of the features that amazed people. Now sixty years later it looks far less modern, but remains a beautiful looking vehicle all the same.

#4 Bristol 403

The Bristol was one of the first cars to take into consideration aerodynamics. This car looked great when it went on the market in 1953 and continues to look good today.

#5 Reliant Scimitar
When this car hit the streets in 1968 it came with a V6 engine; it was also the first sports hatch to ever be mass produced. Even royalty liked to be seen in this car.

#6 Chrysler Sunbeam

This car was funded thanks to a British Government grant. This came with rear wheel drive and managed to reach the dizzying speed of 120 miles per hour. Only 2308 Chrysler Sunbeams were ever actually made.

#7 MG TC
The MG TC was one of the first post-war sports cars. You can see the influence of the pre-war MG models but it is a delightful and unique looking car none the less.

#8 Alvis TA14
The Alivs TA14 came with a pre-war design but it was popular in the late forties and fifties. Alvis is still around these days but nobody makes luxury cars like this one anymore – unfortunately.

#9 Standard Vanguard

The fact that this car came with hydraulic brakes and independent front wheel suspension made it seem quite revolutionary back in 1948.  The technological advances since then make all this seem simplistic, it remains a lovely car though.

#10 MG A
This is another MG car that deserves to be in the list of the top British cars ever made. It came out in 1955 and still looks fairly modern today. This was a change of direction for MG that many people approved of; although the car did occasionally suffer from engine troubles.

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