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Top 10 Hawaiian Beaches for Memorable Experiences

Planning to take a break from a hectic schedule? Hawaiian beaches remains one of the best travel destinations for those who want to put brakes to their hectic schedule and bask in the sun and explore the sandy beaches and feel the sea breeze.

Hawaiian Beaches
Image Credit: Pexels

Hawaiian Beaches

Hawaii also has some of the best beaches in the world, so let’s explore some of the top Hawaiian beaches that can offer you memorable experience.

1. Lanikai Beach, Oahu


Image by Matt Sims

Considered as one of the clean beaches, this mile-long stretch of white sand is perfect for sunbathing and exploring the nature at its best. It is one of the best swimming Hawaiian beaches that also have wide range of activities like kayaking, sailing, surfing and windsurfing. The coconut palms at the beach also offer a great landscape.

2. Hanalei Bay Beach, Kauai


Image by Forest and Kim Starr

Located on the North Shore, Hanalei Bay Beach offers a breathtaking backdrop of waterfalls and emerald mountain peaks that you will want to capture in your camera. This two mile long beach is ideal for evening walks and for boating and windsurfing. This is also a beach where serious surfers come in to get better surfing experience.

3. Kaanapalai – Black Rock Beach, Maui


Image by katsuhiro7110

Located on the west coast of Maui island is Kaanapalai which is a favorite destination for those who prefer water sports. The beach is a paradise for ocean recreation individuals and one can find various activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, kayaking, sailing and surfing. Before you go for fishing, make sure you check this fishing calendar.

4. Hanauma Bay, Oahu


Image by Ross Harmes

Known as one of the most popular beaches in the world and in Hawaii, this beach can mesmerize visitors with its beauty and landscape. Although, there are certain limitations here to protect the marine life, visitors can still enjoy the beach and the landscape that surrounds it.

5. Ke’e Beach Park, Kauai


Image by Wikimedia Commons

If you are passionate about sunsets, this is the beach that you must visit when you are in Hawaii. Ke’e Beach Park offers a great way to end the day with a beautiful evening sunset landscape. The beach is also a favorite snorkeling site and therefore you will find many activities happening here.

6. Kapalua Beach, Maui


Image by Steve Isaacs

If you are tired of the white sandy beaches, head to Kapalua Beach that has golden sand that looks equally good. The water here is quite and calm and therefore this is the perfect beach to relax and unwind. This beach is ideal for families and couples who want to spend quality time together and less of water sport activities.

7. Hapuna Beach, Big Island


Image by jenkinson2455

If you are on the main island of Hawaiian Beaches, Hapuna Beach offers clear waters and blue sky that is ideal for couples and family. The water here is calm and therefore it is an ideal beach for anyone who wants to have a great time with loved ones. The beach has ideal conditions for boogie boarding and snorkeling.

8. Hulopoe Beach, Lanai


Image by tata_aka_T

Considered as a secret destination in Hawaii, Hulopoe Beach is one of the best Hawaiian Beaches for snorkeling because of its steep shoreline. The beach is also good for those who want to go fishing. This beach is also ideal for those who want to spend some time with their loved ones.

9. Poipu Beach, Kauai


Image by Kyle Pearce

Ideal for families, Poipu Beach is a great beach for those who want to spend quality time together. This curved-shape beach is good for those who want to build sandcastles and just take a walk at the beach.

10. Papohaku Beach, Molokai


Image by jongela19

If you want to escape the world, visit Papohaku Beach that offers a great stretch of sand and water making you feel you are at the end of the world. A great place for water sport activities and strolling.

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