Top 8 Essential Software for Your Windows Computer

Windows is the world most popular OS for PC computers and many free software are designed to support Windows. Installing some software on your computer can extend its functionalities and increase your work productivity. Many of the free software can be downloaded online from software download sites. Some free versions are trial versions while others are simply freeware that you can use for free. The following are the top 8 software that you can install on your Windows computer.

Top Software for Your Windows Computer
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1. Abiword

Abiword is a good word processor alternative to Microsoft Word. It is able to export word documents in open office and Microsoft Word formats. It is a lightweight program and takes only minimal resources to run on your computer.  Its interface is similar to other word processor and all the features can be easily accessible. It supports advanced layout features such as tables, footnotes and bullets. It has a built in dictionary that supports more than 30 languages.

2. Juice

Juice allows you to download music and radio shows that are broadcasting live on the internet when you are not available to tune in. This enables you to listen to the podcast at any time. The downloaded podcast can be played on your digital players such as iPod. You can easily subscribe to internet podcasts RSS feeds and organize them like in iTunes. Juice is an open source program available in over 15 languages.

3. Secunia Personal Software Inspector

Secunia Personal Software Inspector can help you to keep track of all your programs and make sure that they are updated at all time. In the settings, you have the option for the software to automatically update your programs or send a notification to inform you about the availability of the new updates. There are two view options including basic view and detailed view. In the basic view, it will show an icon to tell you whether the program is up to date. In the detailed view, it shows more information such as the version number and whether it is urgent to update the program.

4. LastPass

LastPass is an online password manager that can autofill passwords into online login forms so that you can login faster into your account. You must first signup for an account at the LastPass site with a strong master password. Once you have signed up, it will be installed as a browser addon. Everytime you enter your login information in a login form, a pop up will appear and ask you if you want LastPass to remember the password. You can sync LastPass on multiple mobile devices and computers.

5. Imgburn

Imgburn can create image files from a disc that is inserted into your DVD/RW ROM. The disc image files will serve as backup in case your disc becomes damaged or lost. It is able to write/create image files from disc as well as write/create image files from disc. The advance option allows you to make adjustment on the setting of the drive. You can choose to burn the image file at the maximum speed or a lesser speed.

6. Teamviewer

Teamviewer is a software that you can use in controlling a remote computer. With Teamviewer, you can help your friend to fix his computer problem from your own home without have to travel to his place. It supports a voice chat feature to allow you to communicate with your friends.  The program is easy to install and features fast connection with low lag time.  Files can be transferred to a remote computer conveniently through the dual window interface.

7. ClamWin Antivirus

ClamWin Antivirus is a free antivirus software that offers basic protection for your computer. It can perform scanning on your computer according to schedules and generate a full report of the potential issues. It can also remove virus and suspected files found on your computer. ClamWin can be integrated with a variety of programs including Microsoft Outlook. ClamWin is an open source antivirus software under the GNU General Public Licene.

8. Movavi Photo Editor

Movavi Photo Editor is designed for beginners who are looking for an easy to use photo editing software. One of the tools it provide is the text tool that gives you full control over how you want the photo caption to look like. Adding a new text box on the photo is easy. You just need to go to the Text tab and click the blue rectangle Add Text button. To add caption to photo, you just have to double click the text box and the text cursor will appear inside. The font style drop down menu can be found just under the Add Text button.

You can bold, italicize or underline the text in the caption. If you want to add an outline to the text, you can click on the color palette below opacity to pick an outline color. The text outline width can be customized by dragging the outline width slider. Movavi Photo Editor also gives you the ability to crop, resize and rotate the photo. The image enhancement tool let you enhance the photo’s color tone by adjusting different sliders. It provides hundreds of cool effects to transform your photo into a professional shot.

The main features of the software are the object removal tool and background removal tool. The object removal tool requires you to use a red brush tool to mark the blemish detail and click on the Start Erasing button to erase it. The object removal tool is ideal for removing blemishes like birds in a sky, people on the beach and etc.

The background removal tool requires you to use the red brush tool to cross the background to indicate that you want it deleted. The subject also must be marked but you must use a green brush tool to mark it. After that, you just need to click step 2 and the background will be no more and change into a transparent background instead. You can then add any background you want to the photo.

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