A Guide to Sports Exhausts for Your Car

Exhaust systems are all different. Understanding your options for sports exhausts can help you better choose what’s best for your car. What’s more, is that you can learn all the benefits of upgrading your exhaust and what it can do for your engine. Exhaust modifications are a popular choice, but they’re often done poorly or with improper parts, creating an inefficient system instead of making an improvement. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about sports exhausts.

Exhaust System
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Do All Exhausts Increase Power and Performance?

The short answer here is: no. Aftermarket exhausts, and especially sports and performance models, are typically designed to increase power. Whether or not they do so effectively depends on a number of variables. For starters, a lot of young newbies tend to grab the biggest exhaust they can find, thinking that bigger is better. In fact, getting the right size to exhaust for the size of your car, truck, or 4×4 engine is what will make the performance improvements. Choosing one that is too big is just as bad as having one that is too small and gets bottlenecked all the time.

Here’s a basic breakdown of the bore size of your exhaust system based on engine size:

  • 1.6L Engine: 1.5”-2” pipe
  • <2.5L Engine: 2”-2.5” pipe
  • 3.0L Engine: Twin pipes, 1.5”-2”
  • 5.0L Engine: Twin Pipes, 2”-2.5”

Bear in mind, the bore size is not the diameter of the fill pipe. It applies to the maximum borehole size through the entire pipe, all the way to the tailpipe.

Street and Sports Exhausts Options

There are a number of types of systems out there, with various applications for each. If you’re looking for performance for sport or street, the 4-2-1 system is the best choice. This system goes from four pipes into two, and then down into one. This helps with maintaining torque at lower RPMs and provides the best flow efficiency for improved power.

There are some super high-performance mods available that offer a straight 4-1 system, where all four pipes come together into one a little bit lower down on the manifold. Also available is a 4-2 system with two exit pipes. These sports exhausts allow you to get the highest peak power and reach higher RPMs regularly.

The catalytic converter is what stops up the entire system, but they’re required in modern exhausts, so your goal is to find the best one out there. Sports cats are available that offer high-flow capacity. As well as decat pipes that have designed for off-road only use, and both will offer performance enhancements. Of course, the benefit won’t be as noticeable on smaller engines.

It’s About Performance

When you’re shopping for your new sports exhaust, make sure that you focus on key performance enhancements made by the various models on the market. Aftermarket sports exhausts are available for a variety of engines and vehicles. Moreover, with so many modern high-tech features that it might take you a while to get to know your new system. Take advantage of this to find the perfect sports exhaust system every time.

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