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Ways the UK Can Effectively Deal with COVID-19

Many of us started in 2020 with many hopes and dreams. We all envisioned how the year was suppose. Had we known what was going to hit humanity this year, we would have prepared ourselves adequately. For some time, we all heard the news of the new illness. Most of us did not take it seriously as it had not yet started affecting us. Unfortunately, the world is facing a tough battle against the coronavirus. Many states and governments are trying all they can at the moment. The UK is one of the many countries affected by the pandemic. The UK government is trying to control the COVID-19 virus, yet more still needs to be done for citizens to be safe. Here are suggestions on how the UK government can effectively deal with the COVID-19 virus.

Ways the UK Can Effectively Deal with COVID-19
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Ramp Up COVID-19 Mass Testing

Unfortunately, most countries are unaware of the epidemic. Now, more people are dying and finding new strategies to combat the virus has become crucial. To get through this pandemic, we first need to know those who might be infected. Before a vaccine found, we need to control the spread of the virus. The government has come up with guidelines such as social distancing, always washing your hands, and staying indoors. Though these guidelines are effective, more can be done.

There are several ways that the government can achieve mass testing for the virus. Though mass testing may cost a fortune, the life of the citizens should be the priority. It may be overwhelming for everyone to go to a hospital for testing, and this is because hospitals are already receiving many patients and the medical staff are not enough at the moment. PCR technology can identify the virus. Using PCR technology to do mass testing may be the best option right now. In all universities, every biology department has several PCRs and using these universities and every lab in the country that has the technology may end up saving a lot of lives in the UK. Though mass testing every week may not be fully accurate, it will prove to be effective.

Creating Emergency Space

As we all know the number of infected people keeps increasing as the days go by. Though social distancing and maintaining good hygiene has helped reduce the rate at which people are being infected, the hospitals are still crowded. The need for creating additional space for patients and isolation rooms has increased. Having additional space should not always be expensive and constructing permanent buildings is not always the best choice. The government should consider the use of temporary structures to provide extra space.

Companies like Smart-Space put to use at this moment. Their ability to quickly deliver reliable structures to utilize. The country will have the required space to set up hospitals and help centres. Creating more space will play a major role in helping the country to control the spread and treat those infected with COVID-19.


This is the time to be strong. We need to rely on the human will to survive. We should all follow the guidelines of the government on how to stay safe and prevent the further spread of the coronavirus.

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