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9 Best Web Development Trends of 2016

Web Development Trends 2016

Web development and design trends continue to change with time, thanks to the rapid progress of web technology in the recent years. In 2016, it will further shape up the way users interact with websites. Trends such as material design will continue to grow, whereas carousels and sliders may fade away as the year ends. Let’s have a look at the 9 important web development trends of 2016:

1) Typography and Fonts:

Image by Topher McCulloch

We will continue to see beautiful typography for headings, logos, menus and key messages on minimal designs. Use of Sans Serif font-family will still be widespread. We would also see a shift from bold to large fonts in business designs to highlight a brand’s messages in a powerful way. Large fonts work great for mobile and desktop layouts. The overall typographic rules would be the same; fonts need to be easily readable and legible for both high-resolution and low resolution screens.

2) Less Carousels:

Good news for developers who hated carousels. Staying in the business for 3 years, the image carousels will finally fade away in 2016, due to poor web usability and user value. Most of the time, images used in carousels are not optimized properly and contribute to slow page loading time. Moreover, the carousels on home page cannot include H1 headers, which is significant from SEO perspective.

3) Flat Web Design:

Flat Web Design
Image by pixabay

Flat design is not a new craze, but will continue to impact as one of the biggest web development trends of 2016. This year, a number of website layouts would feature flat design with minimal page and bright color schemes. Websites already using flat designs would use them even more. 2016 is the year of remarkable flat shapes, fonts and bold color schemes. Fortunately, you have a number of layout tools such as Modularscale, Responify, Golden Ratio Calculator etc, that would make the process easier.

4) More Slides & Sliders:

More Slides & Sliders
Image by slides

Instead of full-screen carousels, well-timed sliders would be used for highlighting important app features and information. However, the concept would be replaced gradually by animations and videos, as they work better to engage audiences.

5) Bold & Bright Colors:

Bold & Bright Colors

Bright colors are one of the key web development trends of 2016. Web designers would use effective contrasts to highlight important details in the layout. Bold and bright colors will build on flat design and Google’s Material design guidelines.

6) Material Design Aesthetics:

Material design, introduced in 2014 by Google for its products, is growing ever since and is no longer restricted to Google-oriented apps and websites. In 2016, it would add more clarity for user interaction, visual data, card style data among other important design elements and will continue to play its key role in shaping up the web development trends of this year.

7) Faster Page Load Times:

Most of the websites are switching to cloud hosting technology for faster page loading. From development perspective, Javascript is the main concern behind a slow loading page. In 2016, web developers would work with the digital marketing teams to optimize page loading time for websites. As a key, they will compress excessive javascript in zipped archives in combination with Google tag manager and CSS properties for an effective appearance.

8) Increased Flexbox Usage:

Increased Flexbox Usage

Flexbox property would become common this year. It helps web developers to align website elements without using CSS floats or complex percentages for calculating widths in addition to JQuery to achieve equal column distribution. With Microsoft finally pushing users to IE11, flexbox would become one of the most common web development trends of this year.

9) Say No to Stock Photography:

 Say No to Stock Photography

Stock Photography is slowly becoming obsolete. The use of brand’s own professional photography would replace the old school concept of stock pictures to become one of the most popular web development trends in 2016. Custom original photography connects well with the audience instead of stock photography, and since everyone is looking for a way to engage with audience, custom photography comes out as the winner.

These are some of the popular web development trends for 2016. Share with the readers what you feel makes for an important trend in the web development and design industry.

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